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Warning: Photographs of infected male genitalia included in the post below. So open at your own risk.

Genital Warts1

Genital Warts2

Syphillis Feet

I wonder what it is about condoms that drive perfectly reasonable people to take risks with their lives rather, than wear them?

Check out some of these stats:

In my younger days,I can honestly say that I never once had sexual intercourse, without my partner being suited and booted. I had a couple of partners (not at the same time of course) who would have preferred to go skin to skin, but here’s the thing, I liked the fact that bits of my skin were still intact. I wasn’t overly fond of the idea that my genitalia could be covered in warts or spots. I didn’t particularly want to go round scratching my nether regions in public, or checking for funky smells emanating from between my legs.

I certainly didn’t like the thought of lesions marring my otherwise, perfectly cleansed, toned, and moisturised face. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus was certainly something that I could have lived without.

I have to have a Smear test, once every couple of years to check that everything’s ok with my womanly bits, but quite frankly, every time I go, I feel violated.
I loathe these very necessary procedures, so you see, there’s no way I would have risked catching something, because then I would have had to let those bastards prod my privates in an effort to try to figure out which brand of herpes I happened to be afflicted with.

I wonder what kind of sex education our youngsters are getting when their biggest concern is getting pregnant. Unplanned pregnancy can be bad, especially if you’re too young to cope, but I kinda figure that getting the big A is much worse.

If you’re going to indulge in a one night stand, why not take precautions?

For me it’s really simple, as a woman, because men generally let their little heads do the thinking in these scenarios if you respect your body, and yourself, then you’ll make sure that you are well protected. Never assume that this is the man’s responsibility. That’s a sure way of guaranteeing that you catch something undesirable.

By the way, call me naïve, but I didn’t realise that crabs could live in your armpit hair. It’s just as well I get mine waxed off as soon as they even look as if they’re gonna grow. Shudder.

There’s nothing guaranteed to piss me off more than this kind of reaction to a review:

The one comment here that made my eyes bleed was the bullshit about posting negative comments publicly. She’s acknowledged that everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but quite frankly, this is negated by her first ridiculous statement.

How many times do we have to have this debate?

As my regulars know, I don’t write reviews for authors, I write them for other readers. As far as I can gather, the girls at Dear Author, do much the same thing.

Yes, it’s great that the author came over to defend a friend of hers, but seriously, what was writing something as assholic as “and what a shame you feel the need to post your negative opinions/remarks like this so publicly” going to achieve? Seriously?

The funny thing is, Jane’s review of the book, intrigued me enough to want to read it myself, in a way that some B graded reviews have failed to do. For Oprah’s sake, I even put the damn book on my Amazon Wishlist.

Let me remind you what Susan Elizabeth Phillips and JAK had to say, on the subject of negative reviews:

If you want truly negative reviews, go read some of the D reviews at AAR, then go complain to Laurie Gold, that they shouldn’t have been posted publicly. Sheesh.

I took some clients to watch Manchester United V Sevilla yesterday at Old Trafford. We had a corporate hospitality box, and were able to watch the match from the comfort of a nice warm room… Eventually.

When we got to Old Trafford to pick up our tickets, it turned out that our corporate box hadn’t been built yet. (They are currently extending the stadium from a 68k to a 76k seater stadium) To cut a long story short, they eventually found us a replacement box, thank goodness.

It was a good day out, the clients were fantastic company. The Tall Guy came too, and he didn’t mind in the least that there was only one other bloke to chat to, heheheh.

Anyway, check out the pics below. I’ve also included some random photo’s of where we live and surrounding areas.

Man United V Sevilla




Man United 3- 0 Sevilla

Sir Matt Busby At Old Trafford

The Megastore

People leaving

Half of the famous signage

Some random Japanese fans

Beautiful day

Lovely view

Isn’t this a pretty tree?

Another view