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There’s nothing guaranteed to piss me off more than this kind of reaction to a review:

The one comment here that made my eyes bleed was the bullshit about posting negative comments publicly. She’s acknowledged that everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but quite frankly, this is negated by her first ridiculous statement.

How many times do we have to have this debate?

As my regulars know, I don’t write reviews for authors, I write them for other readers. As far as I can gather, the girls at Dear Author, do much the same thing.

Yes, it’s great that the author came over to defend a friend of hers, but seriously, what was writing something as assholic as “and what a shame you feel the need to post your negative opinions/remarks like this so publicly” going to achieve? Seriously?

The funny thing is, Jane’s review of the book, intrigued me enough to want to read it myself, in a way that some B graded reviews have failed to do. For Oprah’s sake, I even put the damn book on my Amazon Wishlist.

Let me remind you what Susan Elizabeth Phillips and JAK had to say, on the subject of negative reviews:

If you want truly negative reviews, go read some of the D reviews at AAR, then go complain to Laurie Gold, that they shouldn’t have been posted publicly. Sheesh.


  • Anne
    August 13
    4:54 pm

    Where’s the link, woman??? I wanna go see this for myself!


  • Jane
    August 13
    9:58 pm

    Do you ever look at the IP addresses of your commenters? At least two of mine in that thread had the same IP address, using the same browser.

    We do write the reviews only as a jumping off point for discourse with readers. Frankly our reviews are exactly what we share with other readers on the internet in closed email lists, in public, on the phone, etc. It’s one reader’s opinion. Clearly Harriet Klausner has another. Add it all up and you get, as JAK says “Pipsquat.”

    I did think the comments were helpful in one area. I won’t be reading Rae Monet because if she loved Good Girls Gone Bad, I am pretty sure I don’t correlate well with her tastes.


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 14
    6:40 am

    I’ve not read Tabke’s book, don’t know anything about the story. But if the book itself is as difficult to read as her blog then I’ll politely pass. There’s a lot to be said in favor of spaces between paragraphs.


  • Kat O+
    August 14
    1:04 pm

    To be honest, I think some people are just not understanding the concept of blogging. Most non-professional blogs are personal and, by that, I mean we post our thoughts in much the same way as we would put words together in a conversation with friends. So to expect a blogger to conform to your particular standards of morality, politeness or punctuation is, to me, unreasonable. There’s a reason why these reviews aren’t in mainstream publications – they’re not written for them. There’s a reason people love these review blogs – we get the humour. Visitors who comment after reading a handful of posts need to be mindful of the audience they’re written for and remember that there’s a reason people come back to read that blog.


  • Kate R
    August 14
    7:07 pm

    Unclear pipsquat usage…

    pipsquat meaning “SEP’s statement is full of nothing but balogney”? or
    pipsquat as in “I agree with SEP; it all means nothing”?
    pipsquat simply because it’s a wonderful word?


  • Barbara B.
    August 15
    11:59 pm

    I love reading bloggers reviews.
    They’re much more comprehensive and frank than regular review sites. They’re pretty funny, too.

    Writers that try to rebut negative reviews inevitably come off as overly sensitive, naive idiots.
    Reviews and ctitiques are subjective, not objective, and as such cannot be argued against to any satisfactory conclusion.


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