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Can She Finally Rest In Peace?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
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Old before her time…

I really hope they’ve finally caught JonBenet’s killer.

I know that this case is years old, but I still think about her every now and again, and wonder if she’ll ever get justice.

She’s a sad example of the evil that man is capable of, and it almost makes me fearful of any children I have in the future.

I didn’t realise that her mother died a couple of months ago. Apparently she had cancer. Just too sad for words.


  • ShelbyReed
    August 17
    2:04 am

    I’ll never forget when the Ramseys were interviewed on TV, right at the height of the public’s suspicion, and I looked into those people’s faces and something in me just KNEW they didn’t kill that child. I have always believed in their innocence. Patsy Ramsey was a fercious steel magnolia, and I remember her gritting her jaws and telling the interviewer, “I didn’t kill Jon Benet. I LOVED that little girl.”

    The sad irony is that after years of fighting cancer, Patsy died just weeks before this break in the case. But what does it matter, really? If you believe in the hereafter, she has her little girl again and they’re not one bit worried about what’s going on down here on this sometimes hellish planet.


  • Shiloh Walker
    August 17
    2:54 am

    oh i definitely believe in the hereafter and JonBenet is at peace~God willing, so is her mom.

    Her father is the one I hurt for the most at this point, but if this guy they caught is the killer, maybe he will sleep a little easier. If such a thing is possible.

    It’s so hard reading about anything like this. My babies are so precious to me and I do everything I can to protect them, and I pray to God that it’s enough. Yet, being a mom, I always worry if I’m doing enough.

    I know how much it hurts to lose a baby, but I can’t imagine losing one like this. Nor do I want to.

    There is no level in hell painful enough for the kind of vermin that hurt children.


  • Rosie
    August 17
    4:11 am

    I’ve been reading the articles about this arrest and feel nothing but relief that there might finally be some resolution to this horrible situation.

    I too have thought about JonBenet from time to time and wondered how her parents could cope never knowing what happened.

    God Bless Patsy and JonBenet…may they both finally rest in peace.


  • Dawn
    August 17
    9:01 am

    I do hope that they have targeted the right person this time and that now it can all be laid to rest.


  • Sarah McCarty
    August 17
    10:23 am

    I, too, looked at the parent’s faces and thought, “they’re innocent.” I also thought over the years,how horrible it was that the press wouldn’t let the “did the parents do it” angle go when they kept the story alive. Even after the judge cleared the parents, the press ran that angle. I guess because they didn’t have another one, but I could never imagine how those parents felt, not only grieving for their child and the horrible way she died, also having to face that constant suspiscion.

    I hope they have the right guy and at last “the end” can be written across this too tragic story.


  • Jade James Truth or Dare
    August 17
    11:38 am

    It’s horrible to think about what the parents have gone through-and what the father is going through.

    JonBenet is a angel in heaven, and may her mother rest in peace.

    Now as to this son of a bitch who killed her-well hope he gets his in the long run.

    Jade James


  • Rae
    August 17
    6:08 pm

    I knew that Patsy had died and the strange twist in this is last week, my grandparents had a National Enquirer that my daughter, who is eleven asked them for. She read all the articles on JonBenet and almost became obsessed, wondering who could be so horrible to do this.

    I hope he is the killer and I hope they don’t let him live for much longer, because ten years of freedom has been long enough.


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 17
    7:49 pm

    It is unthinkable the thought of losing one’s child, especially in a manner as grisly as met JonBenet. Just as unthinkable is how her parents were made pariahs by those who salivate for a juicy, twisted tale.

    The execution of JonBenet’s killer will be the only justice in this tragic story.


  • Dee
    August 18
    2:02 am

    While I agree that it’s sad and made sadder that Patsy didn’t live to see their names fully cleared, I’ve always had such an ambivalence about this case. JonBenet’s death was tragic, but I didn’t understand how it took over the nation. Or the world.

    I never understood because where I was from, small children were often stolen, raped and murdered. It’s what makes me so careful about my son. I felt terrible for the parents, but I never did know what made it particularly “special” in the scheme of things. It was nearly common place to me.

    I remember the same week she died, another six year old girl died in the projects in Chicago. She’d been raped and beaten to death in the stairwell of her home. She made the local news and was only made mention of in an article that week to express a certain outrage in what our society views as important. Even I can’t remember her name. Did JonBenet warrant national attention by race? By city? By money? By being a beauty queen at such a frighteningly young age?

    The reporter’s story was ultimately lost, as he tried to make something racial out of something horrifying. And all I ever think of when I hear about JonBenet is not how sad or how odd…I’m always left thinking, how many others have died exactly like this–or worse–that we never know about…or completely forget? What has anyone learned from this case? I don’t have any answers for that question either.


  • Marie Bellevaux
    August 19
    5:38 pm

    I didn’t think the parents killed her either. I am glad they caught the person who did this to that poor little girl. I have 4 year olds and I can’t even imagine the horror JonBenet’s parents went through.

    Poor Patsy. I didn’t know she passed. Hope she is reunited with her little girl.


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