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There’s a bit of a mini to-do on the All About Romance list serve at the moment. Basically, the subject was about errors in romance books, and was going along quite nicely, with everybody giving good examples of glitches in books, such as clothing changes in scenes, seating plan errors, etc, then this bint waded in with her size 12’s.

I read this yesterday, and sat back and waited for the shit to hit the fan. As it happens, everybody was well behaved, Godammit.

Anyway, AngieW, who is never backwards in coming forward, posted this comment:

I have a feeling she didn’t think about how she would come off sounding.

Lynne Connolly, AAR regular, weighed in with this comment:

The writer ( then gets kind of huffy and tries to defend herself:

Ooooh handbags! Talk about knickers in a twist, heheh.

The thing is, never mind the generalisations about ebook editing sucking GBHDB, she doesn’t seem to realise that she’s just slagged off her editor at Extasy. Maybe her editor is the understanding sort who doesn’t bear grudges. Maybe.

Anyhoo, there are several well-reasoned, and articulate follow-ups from Lynne Connolly and Angie, so if you’re an AAR list member, go have a read, and if you’re not… erm, join up I guess.

In other news, Tom Cruise has come last in a poll to find the celebrity, people would most like to have as their best friend. Shocker.


  • Sandy Schwab
    August 20
    6:54 pm

    Oh wow. What a bright move! Brings to mind bulls and china shops …

    I found the editor did not seem to catch things even I could see after going over.

    So why the heck didn’t she proofread her ms before she sent it to her editor???

    (Karen, I’m not quite sure whether this is my first post on your blog or not, but I hope don’t mind me coming out of lurkerdom and butting in.)


  • Karen Scott
    August 20
    7:06 pm

    Hey Sandy, I love people coming out of lurkerdom!

    And I though exactly the same thing myself when I read her comments.


  • Katie
    August 20
    7:41 pm

    Hi Karen and Sandy. I decided to come out of lurkedom too *G*.
    Because this is just too fuc***g unbelievable. I would love to be a flee on the wall when “this bint” gets her due, she practically blacklisted herself.
    Thanks for letting us know. *Sigh* now I’ve joined yet another group. GRR. 🙂


  • Jaye
    August 20
    10:59 pm

    I’m on that AARList, but I tend to just read the digest (I have far too many Yahoo groups). Can’t wait to get the next digest. gg. Yeah, not very smart slagging off her editor.


  • georgia
    August 20
    11:46 pm

    wow! Talk about giving your writing career the Kiss of Death. Her 1st ebook only just came out in June. Idiot.


  • Rosie
    August 20
    11:51 pm

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe people want to be successful in their chosen profession when they so diligently go about shooting themselves in the foot.

    Ditto “Idiot”.


  • Jana J. Hanson
    August 21
    12:38 am

    Wow! At first I thought she was making a bit of a joke (though not a funny one to e-publishing editors who do care aka me). Once I read her additional post, I think she just shot herself in the foot big time.

    I’m all for speaking your mind and saying what you think but there’s a time when you’ve got to look at the big picture. Especially when you want people to take you seriously as a writer and buy your books.


  • Marie Bellevaux
    August 22
    5:19 pm

    Hmmm…didn’t SHE also go over the book in edits? It is HER book, not the editor’s.


  • Bam
    August 25
    2:42 am

    damn… does anybody have a copy of this book? I want it!

    Doesn’t the stupid bitch know that you kiss the editor’s ass, not… oooh, i don’t know… shit in their soup?


  • Karen Scott
    August 25
    10:00 am

    Evidently not Bam, evidently not!


  • Anonymous
    August 25
    1:04 pm

    Not only is she rather stupid, her excerpts are nothing to write home about. She really should be thankful for ebooks, because I doubt she would have been published elsewhere.


  • Karen Scott
    August 29
    3:15 pm

    Anonymous, I too have read her excerpts, and lets put it this way, if anybody out there wants to send me a copy of her book to review, I shall be more than happy to do so. Either that, or you can send them to Dear Author, who I’m sure would do just as good a job. *g*


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