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Why do people feel the need to talk loudly on public transport?

Did I really need to know that your last boyfriend was crap in bed, and that you can’t cook worth a damn?

Why do these same imbeciles insist on having a three hour phone conversation on their cell phones? Loudly?

Did I really need to know what you’re doing on Friday night, and who you’re doing it with?

Why do other people insist on having a groping session in a public place? Get a fucking room, for fucks sake.

Right, I’m off to bed, I’ve had the day from hell, and I need a stiff drink.


  • Eve Vaughn
    August 31
    10:16 pm

    Public transportation is the pits. I remember when I worked in the city I took the train because parking in any city is a nightmare and costs the Earth. I remember some guy fell asleep and rested his head on my shoulder and then had the nerve to get upset when I pushed him away. Ew.


  • Rosie
    August 31
    11:06 pm

    Wow! This happens to me in the bookstore and frequently when we eat out. We always seem to get seated next to the loudest mouth in the restaurant.


  • Laura
    September 1
    1:29 am

    Public bathrooms. Please don’t shout at one another from stall to stall. And please for the love of Little Mary’s Lamb, don’t talk on your cell phone in a public bathroom. It is 87 different kinds of rude and tacky.


  • Marg
    September 1
    10:12 am

    I feel your pain. I have 3 hours of public transport travel every day. Some days it is okay, but others…oh my goodness…shut up people!


  • Samantha
    September 1
    3:21 pm

    I sat in front of a woman on a bus a couple of months ago who discussed very loudly with her companion how large her 13 year old son’s penis was. I can’t imagine the circumstances when that’s ever an appropriate conversation but especially not on a public bus.


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