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Effing Ridiculous…

Friday, September 1, 2006
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You know, I’m not a George Dubya lover, but I simply can’t condone a drama based on his (fictional) assassination. You know there are gonna be some crazy fuckers out there who watch this, and decide that they might try it, right?

This is totally out of line, and irresponsible beyond belief.


  • Rosie
    September 1
    7:58 am

    No, no assassination…I’m hardly a Dub-ya fan either. I soooooo glad I didn’t vote for him in either election though.


  • bettie
    September 1
    8:37 am

    What a horrible scenario! Then Cheney would be president.

    You know there are gonna be some crazy fuckers out there who watch this, and decide that they might try it, right?

    Yeah, just like all those poor, innocent children who saw Janet Jackson’s nipple for 0.8 seconds on TV went out and started ripping each others’ clothes off in schoolyards across America.

    Nobody imitates the things they see on TV anymore. It’s passe. The Internet is the great new source for bad ideas. So if that sucker ever shows up on YouTube…


  • Desiree Erotique
    September 1
    1:11 pm

    I’ll wait for the comic book to come out. And if they can do a satire like “The Trial of Tony Blair”, I say give us more entertainment and do “The Dethroning of George W.” That I’d watch!

    Hey bettie- kudos on the comment about JJ’s nippie. Talk about a provincial hysteria-fest!


  • Sam
    September 1
    3:18 pm

    I’m sort of confused by the ‘Syrian born man’ killer. I would have thought it would be more likely by a rabid US born Dem, someone sick of how Dubya has f*cked up the world, maybe someone paid by George’s own father (I hear things aren’t very cozy between father & son lately) and the elder Bush, seeing the state of the nation, decides to take pity on us mortals and takes out Dubya.
    Well, a girl can dream.


  • da_jane
    September 1
    6:56 pm

    I don’t want him to be killed either. Then he would be canonized and we wouldn’t be able to mock him for the waste he’s made our country. Let him live in infamy forever!


  • Wendy
    September 1
    10:24 pm

    Say after me George, nu cle ar, nu cle ar, nu cle ar.


  • Lori
    September 2
    7:40 pm

    I don’t know what to say. He’s bad – the worst we’ve ever had, I’m sure. But at least he’s totally stupid as well. But if he dies, we get Cheney, who’s also incredibly clever as well as cold, calculating, uncaring and all the other stuff that Bush is. But, Wendy may have a point. He does know how to pronounce nuclear.


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