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I was channel flicking earlier, when I came across an episode of The Wonder Years, with Fred Savage. I recall watching the first ever episode in the late eighties, and thinking it was the funniest show ever. Plus of course there was the on again-off again romance between little Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper.

The first episode I watched today, was the one where Kevin’s Dad refused to get rid of the aging family car, and the second eppie that I watched was when Kevin got a big zit, just before a date with a cute girl who used to have the hots for him. I might be thirty-one years old, but I’m not ashamed to say, I still laughed at loud at Kevin’s antics. Mr Cantwell, the monotone, dull-as-dishwater teacher was also hilarious. Does anybody else remember this programme, or was it only popular in England?

I also watched a programme featuring Elvis Presley tonight, and as I watched it, I suddenly remembered that I used to really love him, as a singer, and an actor (who says he couldn’t act for toffee?). I went through a stage in my teens when I used to watch all his films. My fave was Love Me Tender. He looked hot in that film. It seems incredible to me that I was only two years old when he died. I also learned tonight that he’d sold over a billion records. Amazing. What an utter waste of a life.

I love shows and programmes that take me back in time, because there are usually good memories attached to them. For about two hours tonight, I forgot that I was a reproductively challenged thirty-one year old woman, and went back to a time, when my biggest worry was how soon I could finish my homework so that I could get back to reading Mrs Pepperpot’s adventures. Ahhh those were the days.

Hmmm, I wonder whatever happened to Blossom…?


  • Dance Chica
    September 4
    12:46 am

    Heeeyyy! I use to watch Blossom! My mom and I often use to watch that together…man…you’re taking us back to OLD SKOOL. LOL.

    The Wonder Years was popular here in the USA too. I remember watching that when I was younger as well. 😉


  • Kat O+
    September 4
    2:56 am

    I remember a few classmates who had Smash Hits centrefolds of Fred Savage pinned up on their walls. (I was a Kirk Cameron fan myself.) I used to think Winnie Cooper was such a biatch for stringing poor Kevin along.


  • Stacy~
    September 4
    3:22 am

    Wow Karen you are bringing me back. I loved the earlier years of “The Wonder Years”. Kevin was such a little cutie and I felt so bad for him because Winnie was not worthy of his crush. Hey Kat O+, I was a KC fan too.

    Blossom, yeah. I watched it. I remember when she thought writing a romance novel was easy, and she had all these daydreams about it – pretty funny. It reminds me of Joey Lawrence who was a total dumbass in the show as her brother but later did a series with his younger brothers called “Brotherly Love” and he was kinda hot. Should I be embarrassed for admitting that???


  • Beverly Havlir
    September 4
    3:23 am

    Loved, loved, loved Wonder Years. Used to watch it all the time. I cried and laughed with every episode. And Kevin and Winnie were the cutest ever. That show always took me back to a time of innocence…SIGH.
    It was so good.


  • Devonna
    September 4
    4:47 am

    I was a fan of the Wonder Years too ~ I don’t think I missed an episode. Same with Blossom.

    I can go back even further. My “must see” shows were The Facts of Life and Little House on the Prairie. I actually still watch them, thanks to TiVo.


  • Rosie
    September 4
    8:39 am

    Karen, it’s ironic you bring up these two particular shows. On AOL this past week they had a “where are they now” famous child actors thing all week. Here’s the link:


    You can see where Blossom and Winnie are. I always love to see what people are doing once they leave the lime light.

    Joe Lawrence from Blossom is going to be on DANCING WITH THE STARS this fall. Of all the reality shows that is the one that is my guilty pleasure.


  • Nicolette
    September 4
    5:24 pm

    Loved Wonder Years…and Blossom, too. Did they show Boy Meets World there? It starred Fred Savage’s brother.


  • Sam
    September 4
    7:20 pm

    I grew up without TV – can you say culturally handicapped? LOL
    I never saw most TV series – my husband thought I was an alien when we first started dating and he tried to talk to me about TV shows. I was like, what?
    Luckily there are re-runs, so I am getting some culture here. Slowly but surely.


  • Karen Scott
    September 4
    10:19 pm

    Dance Chica I loved Blossom, Six was my fave character though!

    Kat, did you guys get Smash Hits too? I used to love Smash Hits, my fave thing was that it always had lyrics to songs that you couldn’t understand!

    Stacy, Winnie Cooper was a bitch! Didn’t she go off with some other kid named Eric? As for Joey being hot, yes you should be embarassed to admit that, but seeing as I professed my love for all things Hoff, I’ve not really got any room to talk, lol

    Beverly, do you remember how it ended? I may look for the DVD collection.

    Devonna, I totally Lurved Little House, I used to cry every single week!

    Rosie, she’s beautiful isn’t she? She doesn’t seem to have changed a bit!

    Nicolette, I used to watch Boy Meets World with Ben Savage, liked that too, but not as much as Wonder Years!

    Sam, Gasp! No TV? How did you manage?


  • Lori
    September 5
    4:54 pm

    I loved The Wonder Years, too! And I agree – Ben Stein was great in that show 🙂

    My kids are now hooked on the reruns of Boy Meets World.


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