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This will be my last post until myself and TTG get back from our hols.

A while ago, Alison Kent asked her blog readers to post in the comments section where they were from. I thought this was an excellent idea, and as I’m not gonna be around until early October, I thought I’d do the same thing here too.

So, if you’re a lurker, please take the time to delurk, and tell me where you’re from. I’d love to know who my Italian, Polish, German, and Austrian lurkers are. *g*

Incidentally, it doesn’t matter if multiple people live in the same area. It would also be interesting to note how many people visit me, who are from the same place.

I’ll see you guys in three weeks, so be good!

It Sure Was Big… And Long…

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
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Our host for the evening

I went to Newcastle on a hen do (bachelorette party) with twelve of my friends this weekend.
We had lunch at the Pitcher and Piano bar by the Quayside.
We were taught how to pole dance and lapdance by some professionals.
We each went out dressed as a Miss World contestant.
I was Miss Australia.
We went to a strip club, and got drunk as skunks.
One of the strippers made me touch his skanky cock.
Some of my friends made out with said skanky stripper.
Some random guy told me I was hot and by the way did I want to sleep with him.
We went back to our apartment hotel and had doner kebab and chips.
We had MacDonald’s for breakfast the next morning.
A good time was had by all.

Going to California on Thursday.

How are you all doing?