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This will be my last post until myself and TTG get back from our hols.

A while ago, Alison Kent asked her blog readers to post in the comments section where they were from. I thought this was an excellent idea, and as I’m not gonna be around until early October, I thought I’d do the same thing here too.

So, if you’re a lurker, please take the time to delurk, and tell me where you’re from. I’d love to know who my Italian, Polish, German, and Austrian lurkers are. *g*

Incidentally, it doesn’t matter if multiple people live in the same area. It would also be interesting to note how many people visit me, who are from the same place.

I’ll see you guys in three weeks, so be good!


  • Kristie (J)
    September 17
    5:22 pm

    Have a great time Karen!!

    (Ontario Canada)

    I’ve been reading where everyone is from and it’s incredible what a world wide group romance readers are – and also Karen fans 🙂


  • Monica
    September 17
    7:21 pm

    Somebody else was from Kansas! Me too. Cold as hell in the winter, hot as hell in the summer and flat as hell the rest of the year. But you know how in those end of the world TV shows, it’s always a small town in Nowhere, Kansas that survives, [grin}?


  • Raquel
    September 18
    12:54 am

    Hi Karen

    I guess I’m the only Japanese here.
    I’m from small town in Japan and now living in Tokyo.
    Never had a courage to speak up.

    Hope you have a great time!



  • Samina
    September 18
    4:39 am

    Hi Karen, I hope you’re having a great time in the US, I’m delurking to say that I’m from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

    Back to lurk mode!



  • Dcagirl
    September 19
    3:33 am

    Delurking for the moment, I’m from the Commonwealth of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic to different places with two different languages). Hope you had a good vacation.


  • Joy
    September 19
    10:48 pm

    I’m from Falls Church, Virginia – right outside of Washington, DC


  • Anonymous
    September 22
    9:51 am

    Hi Karen
    I thought I was the only Caribbean person here, till I read about my Dominican neighbour. Hiiiii! I’m from Barbados, grew up in Philadelphia, now living in lovely Zurich Switzerland. Hot men, hot damn!
    Am not a blogger, but love reading others’ opinions and rantings and generally lurking. Sometimes might add my 2cents.
    Am wondering though, why you chose LA for your hols when there is soo much to discover and experience on this totally diversed continent called Europe?!. No offense to anyone, just wondering…… Still have a great time…..



  • Sydney
    September 22
    11:00 pm

    Waving from New Brunswick, Canada.


  • Dylan
    September 25
    1:38 am

    Hey Karen!

    Dylan here, you’re in my hood, if you’re in Manhattan Beach, California…I live in Torrance, CA..which is the next town over! =)

    I hope you’re enjoying visiting California! Plenty to do around these parts! 😉

    Did you visit King Harbor, where they film the show, The O.C. with Adam Brody? You missed the Black Pearl Ship, which was docked in Palos Verdes last week, they filmed some scenes from the third POTC and Johnny Depp was seen around the pier…just a little tid bit, lots and lots of films are filmed around these parts! =)

    Welcome to California and enjoy your stay sweets!


  • LaShaunda
    September 25
    4:20 pm

    Hi Karen,

    I’m from St. Louis, MO home of the Arch.


  • Karen Scott In Newport Beach
    September 26
    5:33 am

    Hi Chandra, I haven’t been to Switzerland, but it’s on my list, as for the ret of Europe, TTG and I do at least 3 European cities each year, but we like to have a longer holiday outside Europe!

    Dylan, so far we’ve done Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, San Diego, Venice Beach (what a shithole that was, no offence to anybody who lives there) Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and San Francisco (flew to SF for 3 days, and watched the SF 49ers V Philly Eagles match at Monster Park and went to Alcatraz). Tomorrow we’re off to Las Vegas, by the time we get back home, I’ll need a ten week holiday!

    Hi to everybody else! We’re having a blast over here, incidentally, has anybody other than me noticed that Cheryl Holt has a thing about incest and pedophilia situations in her books? What’s up with that? I’m just sayin.

    Also, Lori Foster’s Murphy’s Law is a fab read, so go buy!

    Ciao for now!!


  • Dee
    September 26
    9:37 pm

    I’m in Southern California, just a few mins south of Irvine, CA. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great trip, Karen!!



  • Anonymous
    September 27
    3:53 am

    > what a shithole that was, no offence
    > to anybody who lives there.

    I’m so hurt. Sure, I’ve said pretty much the same thing on occasion – but always with love.

    I do concede that if what you want in a day at the beach is best described by words like “clean,” “pretty,” or “low bacteria count” you should stick to OC, Santa Monica or Malibu.

    Have fun in Vegas!


  • La Karibane
    September 28
    5:57 pm

    Karen, you are soooo lucky with those vacation destinations…

    La Karibane, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Some like it REAL hot, LOL!


  • Natalie
    September 30
    11:52 am

    Hi all,

    I’m from Cape Town in sunny South Africa.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday


  • Anonymous
    October 2
    7:24 am

    Aren’t you home yet!

    I thought of you repeatedly when reading that Holt book. Not sure if that is good or bad ;).

    So ML is worth buying huh? I so didn’t want to buy it new but I may have too now just because of you.

    oh I am in san antonio texas…


  • Anonymous
    October 2
    1:38 pm

    Hi Karen,
    I’m from Melbourne Australia. I discovered your site via Bam’s. Love reading her reviews and your blog.
    Hope you’ve had a great holiday.


  • gela
    December 16
    4:19 am

    I hope you’re going to sunny Jamaica for your vacation since that’s where I’m from. You know I don’t lie when I say the beaches are fine!


  • Karen Scott
    December 18
    11:52 pm

    Hi Gela, the Jamaican beaches are indeed fine, but I think The Ball and Chain was contemplating Australia this year!


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