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Am I The Only One Who’s Noticed That…

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
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Google seems to be buying out the competition? Isn’t there some kind of monopolies ruling in place to stop all things from going Google?

God, I wish I’d thought of the YouTube phenomena, barely twenty months in, and those guys make $1.65bn from selling it? Why couldn’t I have been born a computer nerd…


  • Dee
    October 10
    9:14 pm

    LOL, hubby showed me the announcement, but I didn’t realize they sold for that much. Good for them, but it was funny how many people got pissed off. I mean…is Google going to make it cost something or something? I don’t pay for anything else Google offers.

    But then, lol, I’m cheap. 🙂



  • Rosie
    October 11
    3:19 am

    The Google guys are nice. And they say (at least for the next five minutes) the companies will operate independently. I love YouTube. My kids actually turned me on to it.

    I’m with you on the computer nerd stuff Karen. A good dose of being a risk taker too. Most of my risks are calculated so I’m sadly lacking in both areas.


  • Amie Stuart
    October 13
    4:04 pm

    LOL i sent that article to my son wiht a note on why being a geek was cool


  • Lynne Simpson
    October 13
    5:30 pm

    I figure they’re probably taking a page from Microsoft’s book. I read an article in Wired along those lines a few days ago, in fact.

    I love YouTube, too! 🙂


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