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A while ago, JaynieR (god rest her blog) talked about how heroines and heroes having sex with wolfie shapeshifters and the like, was not the same as bestiality. I pretty much agreed with her, but I came across this book at EC, and although it sounds marginally interesting, there’s something about a human having sex with a dragon (ok he’s half dragon-half man) that kinda makes me want to cross my legs in distress.

Here’s the blurb from EC:

I didn’t get the same yucky feeling reading Nalini Singh’s, Slave To Sensation, and the hero was a shapeshifting leopard. I wonder if it’s because, I consider dragons to be ugly creatures, whereas wolfies, and leopards etc, are quite majestic looking? I realise that they will probably get horizontal whilst he’s in his human form, but still…

I shall go away and ponder this some more methinks…


  • Jane
    October 10
    2:47 pm

    I don’t have a problem with the dragon man – I just got done reading Shana Abe’s books which feature a dragon heroine. But I start getting icked out when the shapeshifter is partially shifted and having sex. There was one EC book (I think it was EC) where the hero had shifted his hands and tongue and maybe his dick. And I shuddered and closed the book.


  • Rocio
    October 10
    4:00 pm

    I think that instead of focus on make more interesting stories that can left some impression in the reader. But all we are geting is a bunch of book that only varies in the level of yuky factor in the sex scenes!
    I was starting to think I was losing my memory because I was incapable of remember anything about a book I just read, but then I came to realize that I was just reading too many bad books!!!
    Are truly most of the reader in the need of those books???…mmm I hope not!


  • Tara Marie
    October 10
    5:49 pm

    Some books just seem to cross that ick factor line. Years ago I read a Black Lace with a secondary character that was literally snake like, scales and forked tongue, a little too creepy.


  • Desiree Erotique
    October 14
    4:16 am

    I feel the same as Tara Marie on this issue. Of course, I might just be harboring a prejudice as shapeshifters as Heroes -outside of the occasional werewolf with a well developed character- generally do nothing for me.


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