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Sacked for refusing to renove her veil whilst teaching kids

Today, this teacher lost her discrimination case. She was sacked for wearing a veil to school, so she took her case to an employment tribunal.

She was asked to remove the veil whilst teaching school children, and she refused.

I completely agree with the ruling, but I’m not a lily-livered liberal when it comes to shit like this.

Being an ethnic minority person myself, I think I’m well within my rights to say that wearing such a veil, whilst teaching non-Muslim children, is utter bullshit. I have no respect for religion, so my views probably shouldn’t be so surprising.

I don’t give a toss how good a teacher she is, if I had a child in her class, I’d complain as a parent. I pretty much hate all organised religion, but I think the emphasis when it comes to this case, is more on the veil itself, than the religious connotations. It’s a barrier to teaching, pure and simple. And nobody will be able to convince me otherwise.

The liberal lefties are of course up in arms about it, as you would expect them to be. How dare they take away her right to wear what she wants? How dare they disregard her religion in such a fashion? It’s all fucking bullshit. Even the Muslim Council of Britain said it was wrong for her to insist on covering her face.

She can wear what she wants, but not whilst teaching my kid. I’d say the same thing if a teacher decided it was a good idea to wear a miniskirt that showed her crack to all and sundry. It just isn’t fucking cricket.

What say you? It’s ok if you disagree with me, my views can be pretty radical to say the least.