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You’ve got just two days to vote in the latest AAR poll. I’ve just voted, and this is what my list looks like. I’m sure I’ve missed loads out, but I put down the books that came to mind, rather than trawling through my book shelves.

Top Ten Sexy Mainstream

Passion, Lisa Valdez (even if she’s taking too long with the next book)
The Winston Brothers, Lori Foster
Jamie, Lori Foster
Murphy’s Law, Lori Foster (I’m a Lori Foster Fan Girl)
Again, Sharon Cullars
Standing In The Shadows, Shannon Mckenna (Guilty pleasure)
Sophia’s Lover, Lisa Kleypas
Beyond Seduction, Emma Holly
The Pregnancy Test, Erin Mccarthy
Houston, We Have A Problem, Erin McCarthy

Top Ten Erotic Romance

Promises Prevail, Sarah McCarty (As always)
A Fine Work of Art, Shelby Reed (I just love The Reedster)
The Fifth Favour, Shelby Reed
Elizabeth’s Wolf, Lora Leigh (Love this book)
Soul Deep, Lora Leigh
Undressing Mercy, Deanna Lee
My Best Friend’s Lover, Shiloh Walker (Again)
A Night To Remember, Eve Vaughn (Loved this)
The Empress’s New Clothes, Jaid Black (good campy fun)
No Escape, Jaid Black

Top Ten E-books

Promises Prevail, Sarah McCarty
The Sweet Gum Tree, Katherine Allred (Kick-ass book)
A Fine Work of Art, Shelby Reed
Slave To Sensation, Nalini Singh
The Fifth Favour, Shelby Reed
Elizabeth’s Wolf, Lora Leigh
Betting Hearts, Dee Tenorio
Bone Deep, Bonnie Dee (So bloody original)
Rico’s Garden, Eve Lilas

Looking at this list, it seems to be the usual suspects, time and time again. Anyone wish to add to this list, or violently disagree with any of my choices?

Michael J. Fox And Naomi Campbell…

Friday, October 27, 2006
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Rumour has it that Michael J Fox, intentionally exaggerated the effects of his Parkinson’s disease on an ad campaign. He was endorsing some bloke who’s running for the US senate. Apparently the ad was talking about the importance of stem cells.

When I heard this on the news today, I went straight to YouTube to watch the ad for myself. Erm…does that make me a sicko?

Anyway, I couldn’t decide whether he was putting his acting skills to good use, or if that’s how he genuinely is these days. Apparently Rush Limbaugh felt that it was exploitative, and manipulative. You can also catch what Limbaugh had to say about the ad campaign at the end of MJF’s little message.

Anyway, like I said, I couldn’t decide, so I’ll let you guys judge for yourselves.

As for NaomI Campbell, she’s either very unlucky , and everybody’s out to get her, or she’s a psychotic ho, who would benefit from doing some time in prison.

Guess which one I’m going for?