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Do You Read More Than One Book At A Time?

Sunday, October 29, 2006
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I finally finished Laura Kinsale’s Flowers From The Storm. For some reason, this book took me forever to read, although it probably didn’t help that I was reading about four other books at the same time.

I very rarely read one book at a time. I find that if there is more than one book that I’m excited about, I’ll attempt to read them simultaneously. I get this really exciting feeling in my chest, and waiting to read one book, whilst I finish another just seems too much like hard work.

For instance, whilst reading Laura Kinsale’s book, I was also reading Hide and Seek, by Cherry Adair, (sucked arse), Just For Kicks by Susan Andersen, (total snoozefest), The Hunter, by Gennita Low, (disappointing) and Project Eve (fabulous book) by Lauren Bach.

Is this something everybody else does, or am I alone in my weirdness?

Incidentally, I totally loved LK’s book. I really liked the hero, Jervaulx, (pronounced Shervoh) and even Maddy (the heroine) didn’t piss me off with her freakishly religious leanings. It was a tad long, but I didn’t mind that in the least.