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The results for the latest AAR poll are now online. I compared my selection with those that actually finished in the top ten.

I was extremely surprised to see Linda Howard’s name appear twice in the category for top mainstream sexy books. I must be reading too many erotic romance books, cuz I don’t think her books are particularly hot, although I do actually love her like a fat kid loves cake.

Lisa Valdez’s Passion, pissed all over the competition of course, as I suspected it would. When a book starts with the heroine having her boobies felt up by a total stranger, you know it can only get better!

I did think it was odd how Valdez came in at number one in the mainstream sexy category, yet, polled much further down in the erotic romance section. It surprises me that many people still feel that Passion (including me I guess, since that’s where I placed it) is a mainstream sexy book. I actually think Passion is more erotic romance, than mainstream sexy, but what the hell do I know eh? I stuck Nalini Singh’s book, in the best e-book category!

Hey Sarah, did ya notice that three of your books appeared in the Top Ten E-books category, WTG bird! You know how I love to pimp Promises Prevail to anyone who’ll listen. (g)
Read this and pump your fist in jubilation, chuck:

Dontcha just feel proud?

Also, congrats to Lora Leigh for appearing twice in the top ten erotic romance category. Elizabeth’s Wolf was a fab book, even if you are a little hung up on anal sex that whole dog-knotting thing. I still think your Breed books are fab.

I see that a few people got confused and voted for Emma Holly’s Menage as the second best erotic romance book. Come on people, have we not harped on enough about the differences between erotica and erotic romance yet? Holly’s Menage, is erotica, not romance, surely? I see that Personal Assets is also up there. *Sighs, and shakes head in despair*

Anyway, after reading through all the results and the ensuing commentary, AAR asks these questions:

The questions are interesting so go join the debate if you can be arsed at the Pot Pourri message board. Make sure you’re armed with live ammunition though, some of those ladies on there can be right twisty fuckers, and no messing.

Incidentally, I finished reading Cold As Ice. I’ll review as soon as I complete some of the other reviews that I owe to various people. You know who you are, and I’m sorry for taking so long in getting them done. What can I say, there’s just not enough hours in the day.

Right, I’m off to read an Alison Kent book now, so night night!