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Just Do It…

Monday, November 13, 2006
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I went to my best friend’s wedding this weekend, which was absolutely lovely.

Before the actual ceremony began, she lit a candle for her mum, who had died of breast cancer when she was just nine years old. Every Mother’s day it’s a loss that she feels keenly, like it only happened yesterday – much like me and Father’s Day.

There’s many a year I’ve held her in my arms whilst she mourned the loss of her mother. It’s something that she’ll never ever really get over, nor does she want to.

Every mother should be there to watch their children get married.

I was watching the video of the ceremony earlier this evening, and it reminded me how fleeting life can be.

So what did I do? I lay down on my bed, and I checked for lumps in my breast. I didn’t find anything of course, but I’ve now put reminders in my diary to check every two weeks. Better to be safe than sorry huh?

I urge every one of you gals to go do the same today. Please.

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. As Kylie Minogue found out, it can happen to anyone.

R.I.P Belinda Emmett.