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You guys know that I love to snark authors with the best of them, but amazingly enough, I actually found myself nodding furiously in agreement, and pumping my fist when I read Jenny Crusie’s smackdown of Miss “Who “The Fuck Are You Anyway Bitch” Snark. (I’m always suspicious of anonymous bloggers, especially when they’re trying to mislead people into believing that their shit don’t stink.)

I ask you, how is Snarky Pussy any better than The Dishing Diva?

All this Anne Stuart business was just so fucking dull. Who really gives a shit what she said about her publisher? (Apparently many of you, but never mind.) Those bastards are out to make money, pure and simple, and let’s face it, they’ve been responsible for some of the most questionable marketing decisions evah. The fact that publishers are quite happy to screw over their authors should be no surprise to anyone. I’m just happy that Stuart wasn’t going around calling her readers ignorant twats.

Go Jenny, go, go! That’s my kind of ‘Fuck you Bitch’.

Right, where the fuck did I keep that copy of Bet Me