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You guys know that I love to snark authors with the best of them, but amazingly enough, I actually found myself nodding furiously in agreement, and pumping my fist when I read Jenny Crusie’s smackdown of Miss “Who “The Fuck Are You Anyway Bitch” Snark. (I’m always suspicious of anonymous bloggers, especially when they’re trying to mislead people into believing that their shit don’t stink.)

I ask you, how is Snarky Pussy any better than The Dishing Diva?

All this Anne Stuart business was just so fucking dull. Who really gives a shit what she said about her publisher? (Apparently many of you, but never mind.) Those bastards are out to make money, pure and simple, and let’s face it, they’ve been responsible for some of the most questionable marketing decisions evah. The fact that publishers are quite happy to screw over their authors should be no surprise to anyone. I’m just happy that Stuart wasn’t going around calling her readers ignorant twats.

Go Jenny, go, go! That’s my kind of ‘Fuck you Bitch’.

Right, where the fuck did I keep that copy of Bet Me


  • Anonymous
    November 17
    1:57 am

    You can be so damn funny expressing your opinion sometimes. One never knows what you will say next. I can’t believe this is what is prompting you to read BET ME.


  • Karen Scott
    November 17
    7:45 am

    Rosie, I’d pretty much given up on Nora Roberts, until that debacle at the RWA awards ceremonty last year. I’m a sucker for authors who are able to stand up and be counted without, A, slagging off readers, and B, coming off as arrogant.


  • Katharina
    November 17
    12:04 pm

    Oh I like that, thanks for bringing it to my attention, Karen!
    I actually admired Anne Stuart for having the courage to say her opinion aloud (even more because I can’t stand the image Harlequin/Mira projects), I prefer honest authors to permanent yessayers.

    And you have to read Bet Me, it’s my absolute favorite Crusie, the novel is even better than Welcome to Temptation!


  • Desiree Erotique
    November 17
    4:30 pm

    If an author is doing nothing BUT complain about her publisher(s) then I become suspect; but this doesn’t seem the case with Ms. Stuart. There are times in every writers’ life when appeasing the publisher or maintaining a non-controversial profile isn’t quite as important as voicing an opinion on what one feels is right. Whether any of us support that opinion or not isn’t important. If the Miss Snarks of the world expect freedom to express their opinions, they should respect that right for everyone else.


  • FerfeLaBat
    November 17
    6:34 pm

    Thank you. I am cured now.


  • FlannerySC
    November 17
    8:06 pm

    Re: Your post on Jenny Crusie’s blog:

    “I’m gonna have to stand up and clap to this post, I think it’s healthy for the anonymous Snark Bint to get some of her own medicine back, at least you were humorous.

    I might even decide to finally read Bet Me, after this post.”

    THAT is a wonderful, hilarious book! as a Shoe Addict… *g*


  • Sam
    November 18
    11:11 am

    Jennie Crusie’s books are HOOTS – love them!!!
    I didn’t get the huge blow-up around this – but it sure is great publicity for Ms. Stuart – May her books hit the best seller list!!

    Oh, and I’m having a small contest over on my blog – just for fun!


  • Rebeecca Donna Tricolli
    November 20
    2:46 pm

    This stuff is unbelievable. Miss Snark is definitely not an agent. She has WAY too much time on her hands. Who the hell’s supposed to be on her client roster? Stephen King? Even then she should be too busy handling his business to blog all day everyday.

    The way these idiots are ripping into Anne is much the way people like Ed Champion are ripping into Millenia Black for speaking out and for suing her publisher. It’s outrageous. And when Monica Jackson jumped in (one of the few to openly speak up in defense of MB) they started attacking her too. These people really need more fearless souls to put them in their place.

    Poor Anne and Millenia.


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