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From The Depths of My TBR…

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
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After reading Linda Howard’s Shades of Twilight the other day, I suddenly got my appetite back for her books, so I went through my TBR shelves, and dug these titles out.

I bought most of the books (I pre-ordered Drop Dead Gorgeous just today) during the last Linda Howard glom, but I kinda got Howarded out before I could got to them. I love Howard, even though she constantly has her characters having sex without condoms, and they always seem to end up in caves, making out whilst being shot at.(g)


  • Eva Gale
    November 21
    9:57 pm

    It’s fiction, why can’t they have sex without condoms? It’s not like having sex while getting shot is an every day occurance. Why not suspend disbelief for the comdoms?


  • eggs
    November 21
    11:19 pm

    I don’t care about condoms either. Put ’em in leave ’em out, whatever. The only exception to this, for me, is with Duke of Slut type characters who have made it their life’s work to fuck as many women as possible. This is one of the big reasons I shy away from most historical romance: no condoms + no antibiotics + willing to fuck anything in a skirt = disease ridden gross out. For modern characters with “normal” sexual histories, I don’t have this problem.



  • Desiree Erotique
    November 22
    5:36 am

    Sex with condoms, sooooooo in the name of “acting like responsible adults” I’m sure the guns in the stories hold only blanks, right?
    LOL There’s such a place called the “two-way street”, but I think a lot of authors often skip that route.


  • Anonymous
    November 22
    5:52 pm

    In KILL & TELL he puts a condom on in another room, they dance, they have sex. Later, without speaking they both acknowledge the lack of a condom and do the wild thing anyway. I think it is a very sexy and steamy scene.

    You have an interesting mix of her books there. I pulled out my copy OPEN SEASON because I couldn’t remember what it was about…I might give it a re-read now.


  • Karen Scott
    November 23
    7:24 am

    Rosie, you might want to avoid Almost Forever cuz that book is littered with flaws that even I couldn’t ignore. You can tell it’s one of her earlier efforts.


  • Anonymous
    November 27
    2:37 am

    Karen, while I love most of what LH does Almost Forever wasn’t a fave when I read it years ago…it’s not one I’m likely to ever re-read.


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