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What Was The Effing Point?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
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Anderson And Kid Rock To Divorce

Four months. They were married for just four months.

I’ve never understood why celebrities are always in such a goddamned rush to get married. Whatever happened to living in good old fashioned sin, until you’re sure you can put up with your significant other’s nasty habits?

It really annoys me how easy it is to get a divorce these days. Whatever happened to working through your problems? Four months is hardly any time at all.

Oh well, no doubt Pammie’ll be married to someone else by the end of next year.

Fucktards, the both of them.

Anyway, is anybody taking bets on how long TomKat will last? I bet The Tall Guy two years. He was less optimistic and gave them till the middle of next year. Who says romance is dead…