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What Was The Effing Point?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
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Anderson And Kid Rock To Divorce

Four months. They were married for just four months.

I’ve never understood why celebrities are always in such a goddamned rush to get married. Whatever happened to living in good old fashioned sin, until you’re sure you can put up with your significant other’s nasty habits?

It really annoys me how easy it is to get a divorce these days. Whatever happened to working through your problems? Four months is hardly any time at all.

Oh well, no doubt Pammie’ll be married to someone else by the end of next year.

Fucktards, the both of them.

Anyway, is anybody taking bets on how long TomKat will last? I bet The Tall Guy two years. He was less optimistic and gave them till the middle of next year. Who says romance is dead…


  • emdee
    November 28
    11:21 pm

    I heard he was not happy about her part in the Borat movie…


  • Eve Vaughn
    November 28
    11:28 pm

    Well, I thought they would have lasted longer than Britney and K-Fed


  • Dramedy Girl
    November 29
    5:00 am

    They are both fucktards. I don’t even understand why celebrities even bother with marriage. They are so used to solving everything with money or pouting that nobody knows how to work on a marriage.

    I give TK two years too, because weirdo Tom probably put that in the prenup and probably on some sacred underwear that Katie has to wear every day for the next two years. I’m just sad that he added to the gene pool.


  • raine
    November 29
    6:39 am

    I give it 14, 15 months tops.

    And that’ll only be because of the baby–and IF Tom doesn’t fall for another of his leading ladies before then.


  • Anne
    November 29
    2:00 pm

    Did they think they had to get married to have all that funky sex? They were having it before, so Pffft. Who knows. Celebs are really weird lately. As for TomKat… Hmm… I’m with you Karen, two years MAX.


  • Bam
    November 29
    5:18 pm

    and IF Tom doesn’t fall for another of his leading ladies before then.

    You must mean leading men. rumor has it that Old Tom lurves the cock and balls.

    I give it eighteen months.

    And you guys, if Pam and Kid can’t make it, what hope is there for the institution of marriage? why are we even reading romance novels anymore? it’s all crap!


  • Anonymous
    November 29
    7:41 pm

    Kid Rock and Pam got married like 3 separate times to top it all off. Why? I just don’t get why marriage?

    As for TomKat, I’m on board with two years. That’s long enough for Katie to get tired of not making her own decisions and having a life of her own. If the pre-nup is like Nicole’s she’ll get graduated payments based on the number of years married. Tom tried to slip out of the 10 year payment by separating from NK a month before the 10 year mark.

    Gotta love a thrifty man don’t ya?


  • Anonymous
    December 2
    5:35 am

    There’s only one good reason for Celebs to marry – the publicity.

    If Tom doesn’t come out of the closet, I give TomKat 5-9 years. Such longevity is rare for a celebrity union, but we all know how much Scientologists like their long-term contracts.


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