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Yes they do.

I got an e-mail promoting and showcasing the most popular vibes.

Check out some of the offerings:

The Top Cat, 810, Silicon Love ring, Super Stretchy, non vibrating vibrator sure looks interesting, and it’s only £1 ($1.93). I must say though, that I’m not altogether sure what one is supposed to do with them. They look like children’s toys to me.

Or perhaps you prefer the Top Cat, 407, Wiggle Wand, Duel Speed? Apparently, this one’s a worldwide best seller. Go figure. Nice colour though.

Or for those who are relatively new to the masturbation thing, you can get the Amazon vibrator for beginners. Is it me or does that look like a tampon?

The Jelly Vibrator intrigues me somewhat. I’m not too down with the colour though. A bit of a passion killer I’d have thought. I’m not into the whole glow in the dark look. I’ll never look at carrots the same way again.

What I do like about these vibrators is that they’re fairly inexpensive compared to shops like Ann Summers, where The Rabbit is still £40 ($77) a pop. No pun intended.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Amazon started selling sex toys, seeing as they sell just about everything else. Dontcha just love the free world? (g)