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And So It Starts….

Thursday, December 7, 2006
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So, we, or should I say I, finally began the first phase of our Christmas shopping today.

Each Christmas, TTG and I try to avoid shopping together, so he buys for his family and friends, and I buy for my family and friends. Works out pretty well most of the time.

I went into Manchester today, and bought a few things. After 3 hours and 20 minutes spent shopping, this is what I got:

The really sad thing is, this is only the beginning.

I bought:

2 x Sean John smellies
1 Estee Lauder Sheer Beautiful
2 X red Christmas slippers
1 x purse
1 x cute stripey Next top
1 x Davidoff The Game perfume set
1 x G-Shock watch
1 x glow in the dark kiddies pyjamas
1 x Trinny and Susannah’s What Not To Wear
1 x Next Perfume (cheap shit)
1 x Sarah McCarty book (received from Amazon yesterday)
1 x Nalini Singh book (received from Amazon yesterday)
1 x Gillette Fusion blades

I also purchased two tickets to see Beyonce Knowles in concert next June, two tickets for the Lionel Richie concert (for my mum), two tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert, and I already had two tickets to the Kylie Minogue concerts in January. I love being an MEN arena corporate member.

Unbelievably, I managed to spend £280 ($532) (excluding the cost of the concert tickets) and didn’t even put a dent in my Christmas list. Big Fucking Sigh.

The books are for some heathen friends of mine who don’t read. I’m off to Borders tomorrow to get some more books. I think I’ll get another copy of my two fave Kleypas books. I know exactly who to buy them for.

Also on the agenda tomorrow, is another visit to the Jeweller’s for a DKNY watch for my sis, a highchair for my oldest brother and SIL, some power tools for TTG, and lots of cute baby clothes for my wonderful nephew, and the Corinne Bailey Rae album, for a friend’s daughter.

After that, we’ll make our annual visit to Toys R Us. Oh joy.

Dontcha just hate Christmas? It’s so effing commercial these days. (g)


  • Kristie (J)
    December 8
    3:55 am

    Ah – now you’re buying Kleypas books for friends. It makes me happy weepy *sniff sniff*
    And score on some good concert ticketts!! And I laughed that you’re giving a non-reader a Sarah McCarty book. Throwing her in the deep end right off the bat eh?


  • Karen Scott
    December 8
    7:12 am

    Hey, Krisite, this particular friend used to read Jackie Collins when we were 12, so she’ll luuuurve Sarah’s book, lol!!


  • Sarah McCarty
    December 8
    10:08 pm

    *looking at the list of presents*
    WOW, Karen, can I be on your Xmas list? That’s a great list of presents. I’m in awe. My mind doesn’t work that way, even for myself.

    Hubby is nagging me to make up a list. So far I have TMX Elmo, touch up paint for my car, and the Devil Wears Prada Dvd. Sad, I know. Maybe you could make one up for me and I’ll pass it off as mine? *G*

    I hope your friend the non reader *chewing my nails* enjoys one of my books. And thanks.

    Kleypas, EXCELLENT choice. Derek’s or Sebastian’s stories by any chance?


  • Karen Scott
    December 9
    10:02 am

    Morning Sarah, yes, Derek’s and Sebastian’s stories of course!

    As for the list of presents, I try never to over-complicate matters by being ‘different’. Perfume and aftershaves are good for most men and women, (unless they have hygiene issues), toys and clothes are good for kids, books and slippers are good for most everyone. Concert tickets mean that I go and see lots of different musical acts with friends. (Why do you think I buy two tickets?)


  • eggs
    December 9
    10:42 pm

    I do my Christmas shopping by the clock. I enter the mall with a list of names and give myself, say, 2 hours to buy everything. At the start, I take a lot of care in chosing, but by the end I’m chucking in boxes of chocolate and t-shirts like the apocalypse is coming. Strangely enough, people who get the “well chosen” gift don’t like theirs any more (or less) than those who get a 5 second purchase. From this I conclude that for most people, Knowing that you cared enough to buy them something counts way more than what the something was.

    PS: If your friend stands you up, I’m prepared to fly to the UK to see Mistah JT with you.



  • Carrie
    December 9
    11:49 pm

    Wow, what a great list, funny thing is, I’ve never considered buying books as presents, although I’m withg Eggs on the Justin Timberlake tickets, I’ll go with ya anyday if your friend can’t make it!

    Back to lurk mode.


  • Huw
    December 9
    11:50 pm

    Those slippers are something special.


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