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Listen up guys, these photo’s are graphic, so if you don’t want to bring up your lunch, please don’t click. Seriously, you have been warned.




Female syphillis

I was just reading yet another Linda Howard book where the hero and heroine kept forgetting to use condoms, so I thought I’d post these pictures as a reminder as to why condoms are such a good idea. (g)

Vote Leona!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006
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Leona Lewis…

I just discovered that my blog made it on a shortlist for the best UK blog. Muchos thanks to whoever the hell nominated me in the first place.

The blog with the highest tally of votes so far is called EU Referendum. WTF? Who the hell nominated such a dull blog? Some people seriously ought to get a life.

I’d ask you guys to go and vote for me, but I don’t really give a shit either way, so I wont. And no, I can’t be arsed linking.

Besides, the crappiest blog is bound to win. That’s what happens when mostly British people vote. We just don’t have any taste Michelle McManus anyone?, which is why our X Factor and Idol winners haven’t been up to much so far. Case in point, Eddie Munster Ray Quinn made it to the X Factor final tonight. How the f*ck did that happen? Big effing sigh.

Oh well, I’m just grateful that Leona also got into the final, although I suspect she wont win, cuz A, she’s a girl, and B, she’s a pretty girl. Ray will no doubt get the teeny bopper girly vote, as well as the Blue Rinse Brigade vote. Big effing sigh.

Go Leona, Go!! (check out this performance, even Simon gave her a standing ovation.)

Off topic, congrats to my football team, Manchester United! We spanked Man City 3-1 in the local Derby, putting us nine points clear of our nearest rivals, Chelsea. This nicely continues a 32 year unbeaten derby record at home. And long may it stay that way. Up the Reds!

By the way, we watched X-Men, The Last Stand at last. Totally loved it of course.