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Seriously, can anybody give me a good reason why prostitution shouldn’t be legalised?

Here in England, we have a serial killer on the loose. He’s killed five prostitutes within the space of ten days Historically, our most notorious serial killer was Jack The Ripper, and he too killed five women, the main difference being that he at least took his time.

This guy seems to have gotten to the frenzied stage quicker than any of the other serial killers in our history.

I’ve always been an advocate of legalising prostitution. It’s the oldest profession there is, and as long as humans inhabit the earth, there’s always gonna be women (and men) who are willing to sell their bodies.

I truly believe that by legalising it, we cut down the risks to the women. Make it so the pimps have to obtain a license, charge them income tax, I don’t care, just get them off the fucking streets.

I know that a lot of these women are prostituting themselves to feed their various drug habits, but is that a good enough reason to throw them to the wolves? Sometimes shit happens, and yes, sometimes this way of life is a choice that the women make, but is it really fair to shrug our shoulders and secretly think to ourselves, that they deserve what they get?

That’s just not fucking cricket.

These women, girls even, are somebody’s sister, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s grandchild. These women could be related to you.

One of the girls who was murdered, was actually interviewed on a radio station last week. The presenter asked her if she would be staying off the streets, knowing that there was a mad man targeting sex workers. The woman (who looked very frightened) despairingly told the presenter that she had three children, so she had to work.

I heard that interview on the radio this morning, and it sent chills down my spine. Oh the irony.

I just don’t think there’s a good enough reason not to legalise prostitution, thus ensuring that it’s cleaned up, and made safer for the workers. If there is, then I want to hear it.

What say you?