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Isn’t it funny how time and time again writers insist on bringing up the subject of reviewing? The thing is, how many times do the authors on RTB write complimentary columns about passionate enthusiastic readers who blog about books?

The fact is, there are far more fairly neutral bloggers out there, like JMC and the like, who are generally less acerbic when it comes to their reviews, than the likes of me and the Ja(y)nes, who don’t mind tearing a book to strips if we feel that the book deserves it.

But how many times do we see the authors on RTB toasting their efforts, and thanking them for talking about books?

In fact, when was the last time we witnessed a romance author randomly giving thanks to reader bloggers for encouraging book discussion, period?

The answer? It doesn’t happen. unless said author is promoting a book They’ll bitch and moan about mean reviewers who dare voice their true opinions til the cows come home, but when do they actually give us props for our passion for books?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see an RTB columnist (preferably an author) come out and praise the endeavours of reviewers and bloggers, and no, praising Harriet Klausner doesn’t count without berating us for having the balls to be honest about our opinions?

At the risk of repeating myself, one lowly blogger writing about how he/she thought one book sucked arseholes isn’t going to end a publishing career. It really isn’t. It really isn’t going to affect your sales, if it does, then face it, your book probably sucks big time.

The people who refuse to buy based on the review probably wouldn’t have bought you in the first place. Seriously.

Incidentally have you ever noticed how the moaners are usually of the midlist mediocrity variety?

Just sayin’.

Some authors may hate reviewers they say they don’t but really they do, but as far as I’m concerned, if people aren’t chewing the fat over your books, then you probably aren’t selling so well. (Big name authors not included) so some of these authors really need to get over themselves, and in the words of my pal Indida, stop bitching, and just fucking write.

End of rant.

Coming up, gushing review of Bonnie Dee’s Bone Deep. (g)