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I promised to read and review this book ages ago, but as most of you will know by now, I pretty much suck at keeping to reviewing schedules. (apologies to those of you still waiting for reviews), Anyway, I’ve finally gotten round to reading it , and hopefully I will post a review tomorrow, or Monday. erm or Tuesday, depending on workload, and inclination.

Anyway, here’s the blurb:

Sounds yummy ja?

Although, I have to say, the cover sucks arse doesn’t it? There’s something very off-putting about the Chippendale strippers hair just dipped in grease look. I hate it. Mind you, I pretty much hate men with long, or even long-ish hair in real life, so I’m pretty prejudiced anyway.

You can visit Eve Vaughn (not to be confused with Evelyn Vaughn of A.K.A Goddess fame) here, and buy A Night To Remember here.

Hey Eve, you got a new website! Nice… (Although the Changeling Press art department hasn’t done you any favours with those covers, but that’s another rant for another day)

Anyway, the review will be coming up as soon as I can get to it!

Why, why, why?

Jermaine seems a bit freakish to me. Has he had plastic surgery? I remember he used to be quite cute.

What’s up with the name change? Has he found God or something?

On the other hand, I like Dirk Benedict, A.K.A Faceman from the 80’s show, The A-Team, for those of you who can remember them. He’s real easy going and likeable. I hope he wins, I couldn’t give a fig for the rest of ‘em.

Anyway, I must go now, me and The Tall Guy are going out for lunch!