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I was just reading the above book when I came across a few paragraphs that managed to take me completely out of the story:

I was taken aback slightly, when the heroine’s pubic hair was referred to as ‘muff’, but the whole ‘nature’s dental floss’ thing? Not good.

There are just some things that I don’t need to read about, and a guy picking pubic hair out of his teeth, and having the audacity to tell the heroine that she’s growing a jungle between her legs, is certainly one of them.

Besides being unromantic, it’s just plain bad manners, especially if it’s your first time in bed together. How rude?

I’d have punched The Tall Guy, if he’d told me I needed a good trim the first time we ever slept together.

Looking at the fun chick-lit-type cover, who’d have thought that the words pubic hair, and teeth, would be used in the same sentence? You live and learn.

If your interest has been peaked however, you can check out The Wilder Brother, here.