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So, does anybody know what’s up at Venus Press? According to my site stats, I’ve had a flurry of people looking for stuff about them. These are some of the searches that have landed people on my blog:

With so many Venus Press searches in one week, I knew there must have been something funky going on, and there is. Again.

Apparently the Vice President stepped down, and a further four of their authors have withdrawn their books.

They seem to have a hard time keeping their authors, in fact, I would say they excelled at losing them.

The following statement was posted on
Carol Mckenzie’s Xanga site:

In a previous post she wrote:

I read a blog that hinted that the problem may be a communication issue, as in authors not hearing from editors and senior staff for long periods. I’d be nervous too if I kept hearing rumours about the firm I worked for, rumours that weren’t dispelled by editors or senior management. You know that saying about smoke and fire? It’s usually right on.

If anybody knows what’s really going on, please feel free to e-mail me with the gossip. hairylemony @ gmail . com, I promise, I wont tell a soul. *G*


This e-mail was has just been forwarded to me:

The e-mail was preceded by this explanation from the source:

Curiouser and curiouser…