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I think somebody somewhere is wanting some link lovin. Well I’m too contrary for that shit, so I’ll just shamelessly take the piss out of her for being an attention seeking twat twit, and copy and paste her scribblings on here.

I wouldn’t mind, but she’s not even getting mad over a review of a book she wrote, she’s getting mad over a less than complimentary review of somebody else’s book.

Why would you expend that much energy on somebody else’s behalf? Increased blog traffic maybe? (g)

Anyway, she starts:

OK, she at least had the good grace to warn us, we here at Karen Scott Central love us some good manners.

She then continues with this slightly obvious tirade:

Bam hunny bunny, is she talking about you? How dare she? You’re not ugly at all, you’re hotness personified, and if I was that way inclined, I’d totally do you. Can I set her pubic hair on fire for telling such dastardly untruths? Can I, can I? No? Ok then.

Anyway, she carries on, cuz ya know… she’s reeeeal mad, and she .. ya know… wants us to know how mad she reeeeally is:

She seems to forget that authors clamour for Bam to read their books. They know the score, the problem is, they think that their book is soo good that everybody and his pet mouse are gonna love it. *Sigh* When will these people learn?

I particularly liked this next bit, it made me want to laugh out loud.

Dammit Jayne, you’re such a total bitch. How dare you not love, LOVE the freaking book? How dare you! Now go and stand in the corner until you can play nicely with the other fucktards.

Anyway, she goes a little pyschotic, and tries to explain what was so freaking fantabulous about the book that that bitch, Jayne, hated. It went on for a while, so I just kinda skimmed. I have this short excerpt for you to enjoy however:


You know, I’ve never read a Megan Hart book, but that paragraph alone would have stopped me from ever picking one of her books up. I’m contrary that way.

To top it off, she finished off with this little gem:

Hee hee hee.

You know honey, it really is OK for people not to like the same things. Really, it is. Now get back into that lovely beige-coloured, lace-up jacket before those temperamental people in the white coats come lookin for ya, go on, quickly now. There’s a good girl.

Dontcha just love having your own blog? You can say lots of mean things, and if anybody bitches about it, you can just tell them that it’s your blog and you’ll say what you want to. *Happy sigh*.

Life is good.

How are you doin today? (g)