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I haven’t published my most popular search phrases in a while, but here goes.

There were lots of the obligatory ‘sperm in mouth’ and ‘ejaculating on face’ searches, as well as some lovely new ones. Have a gander at these:

Latinabuse – this is a very popular serach phrase for this blog, does anybody know what it pertains to?

How did Shelly dorgan die? – Who’s she then?

how does a guy keep his cum coming and coming? – Scott?

ejaculating in a woman’s face – I wondered how long it would be before this came up.

well endowed penises – Hmmm

why does a man like to cum on a womans face – no effing idea.

i cant swallow sperm but i want to – sick arse

What is it like to have a cock in your vagina? – No idea, I’m a virgin. *g*

karen blog cover changeling press – tee hee hee

karen scott the slut – nice.

Are there any black people in Mensa? – no idea. Anyone?

Has anyone been to venus – what a funny question.

Lauren Dane (another author I read EVERYTHING – That’ll be Chantal Googling that negative review rant

latinabuse.com porn – again

what counts as large penis girth – 12inches

“sperm in my mouth” – I think not.

it’s my body i’ll eat it if i want too – Wrong blog dear.

big cock” “9 inches” – no dear a big cock is 12 inches.

sister shagging – sick bastard.

husband is a twat – Awww he’s ok really

bonnie dee’s pussy – They are talking about the feline variety aren’t they Bonnie?

nora roberts racist – Monica, is this you? *g*

Karen Knows best – She certainly effing does. *g*


  • Ann(ie)
    February 5
    12:17 am

    I have no idea how people find my blog, but I’m really curious now!


  • Scott
    February 10
    10:31 pm

    Sure, ask me how a man keeps cum coming and coming. Who do you think initiated the search?


    Oh, and sorry about the “Karen Scott the slut” search, too.


  • Karen Scott
    February 11
    2:02 am

    Oh, and sorry about the “Karen Scott the slut” search, too.

    I suspected this was you Scott. *g*


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