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Mrs G Has Her Say… Again

Monday, February 5, 2007
Posted in: Mrs Giggles pearls of wisdom

Mrs G has her say over the whole Racism in publishing/Monica/Sybil debate and as usual, makes a lot of sense.

Monica come back, and stop being so daft for fucks sake. I still admire your spirit and passion, and were other AA romance authors as brave and forthwright as you, maybe things might have changed for the better by now. Those are the ones who need to look at themselves for not speaking up, you just need to lighten the fuck up sometimes.


  • sallahdog
    February 5
    3:51 pm

    I sincerely hope that Monica reconsiders.. Hey, we all get tired of the rat race sometimes and its cool to take a break…

    If it wasnt for her blog I wouldnt even have known that AA romances are generally stocked in the AA section only.. Because of this dust up I ordered two books ( I am seriously looking for some new fresh authors, I am in a slump of massive proportions)..

    Boostering your cause and telling people, Hey, We are out here, is a good thing.. Even if you piss off a few people in the interim… Like they say, no publicity is bad publicity..


  • Monica Jackson
    February 5
    3:58 pm

    I got out of blogging on race because I’m tired. You’re right about being little support from my peers. The reason is they know it’s an exercise in futility and frustration. It’s past time I got the point too.

    No matter what I say on the issue, unless it comes off as an Uncle Tom manifesto, it will be said I’m being racist and attacking whites. It’s no win.

    We see authors such as Millenia not allowed to participate in the mainstream market because she’s black. My pub tells me I have to have blacks prominently on my covers to woo the niche and not surprise and anger white readers who might accidentally buy it otherwise. Our books aren’t even carried in majority white markets–the majority of the U.S.

    Then some nonblack authors who never have to deal with the above state it’s bad to ever use the R-word or how upset they are that they ever hear it? Sheesh. Now that feels like a personal attack. It feels as if they might as well be wearing white sheets.

    I know most romance authors aren’t like that at all, and I have met some wonderful people in the romance community, but there is the basic alienation.

    How many of us participate in the community? Everyone points their finger back to us, our fault they say, but if the romance community was worth the effort (and frustration), we would be at the same boards, blogs and forums as the other romance authors.

    Bottom-line, the people I was addressing are not my readers. They aren’t the ones supporting me with their dollars. I should be spending my time blogging to the people who read and support me (whatever their race) rather than worrying about a romance community who doesn’t treat my books equitably (you have to admit that’s the honest truth) for whatever reasons.


  • Shiloh
    February 5
    5:15 pm

    I adore Mrs. Giggles.

    I wanna be just like her when I grow up.

    Monica, I wish I could help you find a clear cut answer to the crap you have to deal with. I don’t think there is one. I disagree with some of the things you’ve said but I admire you for saying them. Honesty and not being afraid to speak your mind some things this world is seriously lacking these days.


  • Shesawriter
    February 5
    5:45 pm


    Two words: Come back.




  • rozlips
    February 5
    7:13 pm

    Tilting at windmills is and always has been an exercise in futility. Personally Monica, I love you like a play cousin and I’m tired of seeing you get beat up simply for speaking your truth as you see it. You’ve exhibited far more patience than many have deserved, and I think you’ve earned the right to stand down. I love your blog, but I love your books even more. Maybe you’ll have more time to write if you’re not defending yourself from a bunch of nonsense.


  • Gwyneth Bolton
    February 5
    7:50 pm

    I agree with Rozlips that Monica has earned the right and indeed has the right to leave this mess behind. She’s tired and by all rights she should be. I know that I haven’t been as vocal as I could be on these issues, because at the end of the day, it would take time away from me writing and marketing my books to people who will buy them. It’s a conscious decision that I made. Also the few times that I have jumped in and added my two cents when these issues about race and racism have come up in the romance communities, I found that I got all worked up and frustrated and couldn’t really see where my effort and my time, had done any good. In my day job, I’m a professor of women’s studies, writing and rhetoric. I teach everyday about racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, classism and various other forms of oppression. The college students I teach all offer varying degrees of resistance as we struggle with these issues. And I expect it from them. I’m willing to work with them to help them see how systems of oppression operate. I write romance novels as a way to escape a lot of that. I read romance novels to escape a lot of that. I don’t speak out on a regular basis about racism in the romance community because I feel like the space away from it all that I am trying to create crumbles away when I do. But maybe I need to stop fooling myself that this safe space exists… I can totally see why Monica feels she needs to step away from it all. It’s the same reason a lot of us don’t join in or join in in limited doses. At the end of the day, it’s about self-preservation. And I can’t be mad at that at all.


  • Lena
    February 5
    10:10 pm



  • Monica
    February 6
    5:21 pm

    After hearing MUCH bitching, I took down the html redirect off my blog. But make no mistake, it’s closed. No comments can be made.

    All new content is going up on my new blogs.


  • Karen Scott
    February 6
    8:41 pm

    I knew you’d have to eventually bow to pressure *g*


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