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Thank Oprah Valentine’s Over…

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Posted in: What a crock of shite

Me and TTG spent it apart. I had a business meeting up in the North East, and he had a meeting down south.

I treated myself though and booked a luxurious hotel, which was heavenly. It helped that I could claim the tax back, on the hotel. (g)

TTG sent me some tulips at the hotel to mark the day. They were really lovely, but I didn’t need them, flowers just aren’t my thing, and never have been. I do like tulips though, if I was a flowers girl, they would be my flower of choice.

Whilst I was luxuriating in a bubble-filled bath tub, TTG was having dinner with a work colleague, and because it was Valentine’s day, the waiter assumed they were gay. He even insisted on taking a photograph of the happy couple. Too funny. I can imagine how much The Tall Guy played on this. He can camp it up with the best of them if he puts his mind to it. His campness always reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cops though, over the top, but funny as hell.

It’s the first time in a long time time (if ever) we’ve spent Valentine apart, and you know what? It didn’t feel strange at all. Not that I really thought it would, we’ve both always kind of resented the commercial side of Valentine’s Day. I read somewhere that there are usually more fights on V day than on any other date in the calendar year. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but I bet it’s not far off the truth.

Anyway, what did you guys do? Anybody do anything wildly romantic and sickening? Anybody get a proposal?