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I bought this book after reading Rosario’s review of it, and I have to say, so far, so damn good.

Check out the back cover blurb:

Sounds fantabulous doesn’t it?

What am I loving? A kick-ass heroine with two of the cutest (and meanest) rottweilers EVAH. (and I am so not a pets-in-romance gal.)

What else am I loving? A heroine who is able to protect herself and her charge. A heroine who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, and a heroine who knows what her vagina is for.

Just my kinda book… *Happy sigh*


  • Angie
    February 20
    9:51 pm

    I’ve had this one in my Amazon cart several times, but I have so many romantic suspense on my TBR pile and I hadn’t heard anything about this one, that I kept taking it out. Then putting it back in. Then taking it out 😉 I’ll look forward to your review to push me in one direction or the other. No pressure, Karen 🙂


  • Rosario
    February 21
    12:14 am

    Yay, you’re reading it! Isn’t Max fantastic? And I hear you about the dogs, they’re adorable.


  • Rocio
    February 21
    2:12 am

    Hey P!!! Long time not see! It does sounds good from here…like a perfect present for a friend who rather have money but will settle for a book! I hope it end up fine, because most of the love-action books I’ve read kind of mess up at the end!!
    A Question: You like your heroines quite the opposite from you??


  • ReneeW
    February 21
    5:03 am

    Oh, good. Glad to hear this. I just put this on my list today after reading AAR’s latest ATBF where several staffers loved it. Keep us posted with the final grade.


  • Dionne Galace
    February 21
    5:29 pm

    Funny you should post about this book. I was buying some Brenda Jackson and Amazon recommended it and the blurb looked good, so I bought it.

    Have you seen the cover of Brenda Jackson’s latest Westmoreland book? I gotta tell you, I spent… like, ten minutes staring at it.


  • Tara Marie
    February 22
    4:33 pm

    I read this one because of Rosario’s review and it was great. I’m slowly picking up her backlist and have read one of her historicals it was good too.


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