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That was J.R. Ward’s response when asked what her strangest fan story was during an interview she did with Courier Journal.com.

Tattoos? Whyyyyyyyyy?


  • Kat O+
    March 3
    9:21 am

    I guess it’s less cliched than a black rose.

    You know, I’m a Cellie, and once in a while the characters from the book “post” on the Boards and chat with the fans. I have to say, it can get kind of addictive, and it can start to feel like the characters are coming alive. So I can see how some people might get a trifle obsessed, especially if they’re spending a lot of time on the boards/yahoogroup.

    When people start inserting extra Hs in their babies’ names, that’s when I’d worry.


  • sybil
    March 3
    12:32 pm

    And you wonder why some people think you post shit just looking to start trouble.



  • Angela James
    March 3
    1:16 pm

    Oh, I’ve been wanting to get a new tattoo on my back but I haven’t been able to decide what to get. Thanks for the great idea, Karen!


  • Shiloh Walker
    March 3
    1:25 pm

    I love JR’s books, but there’s not an author alive that I love so much I’d voluntarily do the pain thing for it.

    If I ever work up the nerve to get a tatt, it’s going to be a cute little dragon or a fairy, something mine all mine.

    But I dunno if I’ll work up the nerve. I don’t do pain.

    *G* Sybil, I don’t think she does it to start trouble…although I bet she gets a laugh out of it when it happens.


  • Eva Gale
    March 3
    2:45 pm

    She is very pretty.

    OK, see? THAT is the stuff that makes me not want to pick up the next book.

    You know, if she starts going plces with a bodyguard, I really don’t blame her.


  • Jaci Burton
    March 3
    3:41 pm

    That’s a gorgeous picture of JR.

    And I totally want her sunglasses.

    Which I know has nothing to do with the whole tattoo thing, but still…love the sunglasses.


  • fiveandfour
    March 3
    5:02 pm

    Tattoos are one of those things I don’t quite ‘get’ in general. For cultures where a specific kind of tattoo has relevance for a person’s place within their society, I get it. For modern people, though, it goes beyond identifying with others considered on the fringe into making a statement about things of personal interest to that person. That’s where I’m a little lost because what happens when you grow and change? What happens if it doesn’t mean the same thing to you any more? Is the tattoo then a regret, or just a marker of the person you used to be?

    I guess that despite the fact that there are a couple of things I’ve been a long-term fan of (and can’t imagine I’ll ever grow out of those fannish feelings), I don’t feel like I want to define myself to others with those markers. And because I don’t want to define myself (which I suppose I equate with limiting myself), I don’t understand why others want to, either.

    Sorry…I suppose I’m kind of thinking out loud here to what feel like logical conclusions (for me) based on the realization that permanently marking my body in response to a book seems a tad…extreme.


  • Karen Scott
    March 3
    5:15 pm

    Fiveandfour, that’s exactly the point. What if the people who got the tattoos decide years down, that J.R Ward and her BDB’s suck GBHDB? Look at the legions of fans who have turned against LKH and Anita Blake. It happens.

    It’s the same principle for those people who get a tattoo of their boyfriend’s name. What happens when they split up?

    It still amuses me when I see the laser scar on Angelina Jolie’s arm, from the tattoo that she had done when she was with Billy Bob Thornton.


  • Grrrl
    March 3
    5:44 pm

    well, i’ve heard of people getting tattoos of phaedre’s marque from jacqueline carey’s kushiel series. but those books are actually some damned good writing. i can’t imagine going that far for ward’s entirely forgettable characters and plot devices. and yet i still keep buying them. damn that woman. or would that be “whoman”?


  • jmc
    March 3
    9:23 pm

    Just read the interview. I find it interesting that the journalist asked her how she got into the erotic and paranormal genres. ‘Cause if I were to label the BDB books, I would definitely use “paranormal romance” but “erotic romance” would never have occured to me. Do other readers classify them as erotic?

    Just wondering.


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