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You know, I recall a blogger suggesting that when readers are browsing through a book, they always check out the love scenes first. I wanted to know how true this was, so when I went to my local Borders store earlier, I let the books fall open on their own.

Guess what? Every book that I let fall open, always seemed to land on a page, where the heroine and hero were doing the nasty.

Most of the books I picked up,weren’t even particularly sexy, but obviously most romance books do have sex in them at some point. dontcha just hate it when the H&H don’t get it on till page 499? What’s that about?

Now I would have understood it, if the sex scenes had been right at the beginning, but they mostly weren’t. I picked up a Rachel Gibson book, where the sex didn’t happen until well past page 150, and the book still managed to open up on that page. Huh?

Coincidence maybe? I think not. When I browse, I usually read the first couple of chapters, because to be fair, if you go beyond that, then what’s the point in buying the books, because you know what’s going to happen already. Personally, the only time I go past the first few chapters, is when I’m looking for the dirty bits. Yes, my name is Karen, and I’m a raving slut.

I love good sex scenes in my books. I love books that call a cock, a cock, and a pussy, a pussy, and I’ll happily admit to browsing through sex scenes sometimes, when trying to decide whether to buy a new-to-me author. Is that a bad thing?

If the love scenes are well written, then I’m likely to buy, if not, I’ll probably leave it on the shelf. Does that confirm every stereo-type out there about romance readers? Probably, but I’m not here to promote respect for the genre, so I couldn’t really care less.

My point is, I’m probably not alone, in fact, judging from today’s experiment. I know I’m not alone.

It bemuses me to think that there are hundreds of thousands of romance readers out there who pretend that sex in books don’t matter to them, when in reality, it’s probably what they’re secretly looking for.

This feeling is always reinforced when I stumble onto an Amazon review that denounces sex in books. I always think that the reader probably secretly loved the dirty bits, and they just don’t want to admit it.

There is a reason why erotic romance sell so well, and it isn’t just due to slutty ho-bags like yours truly.

All over the world, housewives, lawyers, stockbrokers, doctors and nurses are reading about rock hard cocks people makin’ love, and lovin’ it. A lot of them just wont admit it.

So, can any of you honestly tell me that you never purposely search for sex scenes when browsing? Like, never, ever? Seriously?