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I forget that there are people out there who think that romance books are the pits, and not just because the heroes tend to have twelve inch dicks either.

Redneck Diva isn’t a romance fan, and part of her answer to a get-to-know-me questionnaire, reminded me that not everybody thinks that romance is the dogs bollocks:

The question was:

Now, this was a multiple choice question, which included romance, as an option. This is what she had to say about the genre:

I’m betting she secretly reads romances, and loves virgin heroines, who get preggers to their bosses, heheh…

You know how a lot of Harlequin Presents heroes are usually shrewd billionaire-types, who’ve made their fortune by using their razor sharp intelligence, and wit?

How come their exes always seem to be gold-digging skanky bitches, who don’t mind cheating and lying just to get their hands on the hero?

You’d think these men would have better judgment,what with all those brain cells and all.

Just a thought…