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You know how a lot of Harlequin Presents heroes are usually shrewd billionaire-types, who’ve made their fortune by using their razor sharp intelligence, and wit?

How come their exes always seem to be gold-digging skanky bitches, who don’t mind cheating and lying just to get their hands on the hero?

You’d think these men would have better judgment,what with all those brain cells and all.

Just a thought…


  • Eve Vaughn
    March 10
    7:58 pm

    I used to wonder that myself. The Heroes were smart about everything except for the kind of women the scheming villian is.


  • che
    March 10
    10:02 pm

    Maybe the author couldn’t think of a better conflict, so relied on the tried and true skanky ex.


  • Kat O+
    March 11
    12:29 am

    To be fair, it happens in real life. A lot. And the men are usually shrewd enough not to lose much of their money in the process.


  • Merlin
    March 12
    3:44 pm


    It’s the reverse of a syndrome you can see every day. The stunning and intelligent young woman who for some totally unfathomable reason is passionately in love with a pea-brained, vicious thug who spends half his life in prison.

    Why does it happen ? It’s a mystery to me.


    Note : not a single word about football except Watford (oops!).


  • Marianne LaCroix
    March 13
    10:20 pm

    I love the Presents line, but there have been a few I’ve read that get under my skin. Arrogant heroes who push the boundries of the “alpha male” label to outright asshole brute. Course then there is the good looking playboy who thinks every woman should love him on sight…


  • FerfeLaBat
    March 14
    8:08 pm

    They would be more realistic if the skanky ex left because the money ran out and when the money is back – so is the skank – only now he’s after more virginal, career enhancing game. I never see that book though because then the hero would be like a real guy – and no one wants a real guy. Tragic.


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