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I forget that there are people out there who think that romance books are the pits, and not just because the heroes tend to have twelve inch dicks either.

Redneck Diva isn’t a romance fan, and part of her answer to a get-to-know-me questionnaire, reminded me that not everybody thinks that romance is the dogs bollocks:

The question was:

Now, this was a multiple choice question, which included romance, as an option. This is what she had to say about the genre:

I’m betting she secretly reads romances, and loves virgin heroines, who get preggers to their bosses, heheh…


  • Maralyn
    March 10
    11:53 pm

    I’d like to know which books she’d been reading to come to the conclusion that all romance books need burning.
    You’re probably right Karen, she’s probably the kind of person who secretly reads romance, and just wont admit it. Bwahahaha!


  • Kat O+
    March 11
    12:37 am

    Or goes to the Romance section of the bookstore to read the dirty bits. *g*


  • Barbara Sheridan
    March 11
    1:52 am

    I think I met her daughter.

    Last year I sat in on a writing panel at a local anime conference and this girl pulls out of her backpack–I kid you not–The Chicago Manual of Style. She then proceeds to find a reason to throw in a bash romance comment every few minutes until the panel session was over. *_*


  • Sandra Schwab
    March 11
    8:44 pm

    Public book burnings, eh? We’ve already had that in my homecountry, and I can’t really recommend it….



  • Rosie
    March 12
    6:39 pm

    No self respecting reading or JOURNALISM major (she says she is in her survey) would suggest a book burning even in jest.

    If romance novels are so inconsequential I don’t understand why anyone would feel compelled to comment on them.


  • loonigrrl
    October 30
    3:28 am

    Ohmigod, that comment totally pisses me off. What kind of person would ever jest about book burnings at all? And to target romance books in particular? Seriously, what is wrong with this person. What a f-ing idiot.


  • And this is why I read karenknowsbest.com. Nice post.


  • Maybe redneck journalism wannabes burn books?

    Just a guess …


  • How do you do it, karenknowsbest.com?



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