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A blog post that I wrote back in 2005 is causing some stir over at Black Planet.

It was the one about woman-on-woman hate.

Reading the comments has been fascinating for me. It seems that every woman on there has been the victim of maltreatment at the hands of other women, at one time or other.

What Iā€™d like to know is, where the hell are all the women who are doing the hating? (grin)


  • Rosie
    March 13
    11:07 pm

    Karen, that was a post I remember well because of my personal experience with two female co-workers at the time. You only had 15 comments, but we all wrote an essay didn’t we?

    There are over 150 comments on the article at Black Planet. Still stirrin’ it up on a post that is 18 mos. old!


  • Desiree Erotique
    March 20
    3:12 am

    Is there really so much hate in this world it has to be dished out like ice cream? I feel so sad now šŸ™


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