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Shelly The Purple Goddess wants to know, so go tell her!

My example would be Nora Roberts, I love her like a fat kid loves cake.

I used to love her back in the day, then her books started getting on my tits. (Sorry Nora.) Her online behaviour has definitely led me to buy more of her newer books.

Oh yeah, and Eve and Roarke, are my fave couple evah.


  • Ann(ie)
    April 6
    1:39 am

    Yes, definitely. Nora’s down-to-earth net persona led me to buy one of her books. I’d never read a NR before 2006 because I thought someone so prolific couldn’t be good too but hearing her opinions on Smart Bitches (and elsewhere) made me rethink that. I bought one of her books and that turned into a bunch. The headhopping occasionally gets on my nerves, but overall, she tells a mighty fine story.

    Likewise, sometimes when an author acts like a total dipshit online, I’ll sometimes get turned off their books by association. It’s a pretty far line, though. I don’t hold their opinions against them, but I can’t stand the following: “Say what you want, I’m laughing all the way to the bank.”

    First reaction, it’s gauche to talk about your fat loot. My second reaction is, well, if you’re doing that well, you sure don’t need my measly contribution. I’ll spend my money on someone who writes books I like and isn’t an asshole.


  • Dionne Galace
    April 6
    3:01 am

    the one thing I never hope to say is “I’m laughing all the way to the bank… with my fifty dollar check… whoo-hoo!”


  • Shelly @ Bewitched
    April 6
    3:10 am

    Thanks for the plug, Karen! Another author that has really led me to buy her books when I probably would have skipped over them is Alesia Holliday (or Alyssa Day). Fantastic personality — and not a bad writer too. πŸ˜‰

    And just to clarify something, I’m like Ann(ie) when it comes to differing opinions — authors are human too (well most are, there are a couple pod people out there I’m sure) but it’s when they go into attack mode THAT’s what gets my panties in a twist and leaves the nasty taste in my mouth.

    Just MHO.

    XOXO – The Purple Goddess :o)


  • Rosie
    April 6
    6:08 am

    I can’t say my reading habits are or have been influenced by meeting an author or by their behavior online.At least so far that hasn’t been the case.

    But then I haven’t seen or read anything that pushed any of my hot buttons. I would imagine if I witnessed bad behavior in person it would influence me more than stuff online does.


  • Eve Vaughn
    April 6
    11:38 am

    I’m not really sure about online behavior because someones words don’t translate the same on the computer, but I have a story to tell about an author I met in person years ago. I won’t name names, but I remember one of my favorite authors was coming to my town for a signing. I had all her books, so I brought a few of them to the store. I’d already bought her new book. I didn’t bring a lot just three. The line wasn’t that long, so I wasn’t holding anyone up. She looks at the books I’d like her to sign, then she says in a really haughty voice. “Oh, I’m not signing those. If you would have paid attention, this is the book that’s currently on sale” and she holds up the book. Now mind you, I intended on buying the new book and get her autograph. I was so embarrassed, and crushed. I loved this author. Needless to say it took me a while to read anything from her again, but hell, a good book is a good book, and I still read her. Guess I’m a sucker.


  • sallahdog
    April 6
    1:21 pm

    At first, I would have said yes, because I can’t stand to read Laurell K Hamilton anymore. But then I remembered that I sought out her website after reading Narcissus in Chains(I had bought CS also, because I read them in one big glom), not before, because I wondered what the heck happened.

    After I read what the author talked about on her blogs, I realized that things werent going to get better and I bailed.

    I got a bit peeved with MJD over the whole, “If you don’t like a book, don’t read” simply because I think its a stupid thing to say to someone who has invested a lot of money in books that they then can’t return to Amazon.com (unless I want to lie and go to Borders and say I got it from them and lost the reciept, which is also a shitty thing to do)..

    I don’t think that burned me on her work though… I think I just got tired of Betsys repetition and can’t get into Mermaids, so I am willing to give her another go if she writes something that appeals to me..

    As for the rest of the authors, good impressions have made me buy books, and I have found a few new authors because of the blogs..

    Bad behaviour doesnt make me want to go out and buy their books, but it doesnt turn me off if they are writing ripping good books…

    by the way, I just finished Ann Bishops ” Sebastien” FANTASTIC book… I didnt care for the Jewels trilogy after the first one, but loved her writing style.. This series is so good I can hardly stand it… Luckily the next one, Belladonna is out in hardback so I only have to wait till Amazon ships it to me…


  • Anonymous
    April 6
    5:36 pm

    I’m more likely to buy because an author is nice online than I am to not buy because they’re a jerk. If I like their books I will buy them used. I won’t buy any Anne Rice after that fiasco on Amazon, and I’m thinking about giving up JA Konrath after his responses to a post on dearauthor.com. I can’t even name all the authors I bought because they seemed funny or nice online.


  • Nora Roberts
    April 7
    1:21 pm

    I must go on record and state I have never touched Karen’s tits. Though I’m sure they are quite lovely.


  • Karen Scott
    April 8
    5:23 am

    must go on record and state I have never touched Karen’s tits.

    And a damn shame that is too! That would so be my claim to fame, ‘Nora Robert’ Touched My Tits’. I could get that on a plaque or something. *g*


  • Mad
    April 8
    8:31 pm

    I’d want to give them a try if I “met” them online and had never read them before. On the other hand, I’ve stopped supporting one author since I first came online back in 1999. Up until then, I bought and read *everything* by her. But soon after I got my first computer, I found her message board and asked a very innocent question (IMO) and her response totally turned me off buying and reading anything else of hers. If she couldn’t take the time to answer a question without making a reader feel like an idiot, I couldn’t and wouldn’t buy her books ever again. I won’t say the author’s name but I will say that since then I have kept my vow, none of her books have graced my house since then…and it’s a shame, because up until then, she was one of my all-time favorite authors.


  • Lauren
    April 9
    8:53 pm

    There’ve been many times when I’ve come across an author online who’s been so gracious or so funny I bough their book because I kept that in mind. If I’m going to buy a book anyway, why not support someone I like? Being gracious costs a person nothing, but it’s not a quality you see often enough, shrug.

    As for disagreeing with what people say? I usually give people a free one. Everyone has been a tool online at least once. There are some authors who are hateful and in my perception, bigoted toward my genre or to groups of people I respect and I won’t support them with my money or reading. But I’m spiteful that way. If you think erotic romance is a tool of satan you don’t need my money anyway.

    Eve – I’m shocked that author acted that way. Maybe I’m unusual but I’m always just so pleased people make the effort to read my books and then come to a signing, I can’t imagine not being gracious and thankful!


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