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I came across this rant by Jennifer Crusie earlier today, and I must say, it tickled me pink. I do like that woman. Seriously.

Her rant was basically about the hoo ha caused by the alleged rape scene in Courting The Courtesan by Anna Campbell.

She starts:

She’s probably right, the people complaining are probably the people who haven’t read the book. Have you noticed that that seems to happen a lot?

This was my favourite bit:

God, I love her. Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to say on the matter, and had it not been for her eloquent rant, I would have totally ignored the subject, so go read for yourselves, if you haven’t already.

Go Lewis, go!

TTG and I watched the Bahrain Grandprix yesterday, and I must say, I was very impressed with young Mr Hamilton. He finished second to Felipe Massa, and is in joint first place in terms of championship points.

We got our very own Tiger Woods, woo hoo!

What a difference a day makes. They were alive yesterday.

I always wonder about the person that just seems to go crazy and shoot as many people as they possibly can? Why today? What triggered the rage that was responsible for this massacre?

You know that saying about guns not killing people? Well it’s not strictly true is it? Check out this timeline of worldwide school shootings.

It strikes me as very telling that 30 of the 45 shootings happened in the States. I’ve always been of the mind that selling guns in the same place that one gets their baked beans, is nothing but pure madness.

It creeps me out to think the number of guns out there that are in the wrong hands.

What an effing tragedy. Does anybody know who the shooter is?