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I came across this rant by Jennifer Crusie earlier today, and I must say, it tickled me pink. I do like that woman. Seriously.

Her rant was basically about the hoo ha caused by the alleged rape scene in Courting The Courtesan by Anna Campbell.

She starts:

She’s probably right, the people complaining are probably the people who haven’t read the book. Have you noticed that that seems to happen a lot?

This was my favourite bit:

God, I love her. Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to say on the matter, and had it not been for her eloquent rant, I would have totally ignored the subject, so go read for yourselves, if you haven’t already.


  • Gwyneth Bolton
    April 16
    11:41 pm

    Now that was amazing. I agree, Jenny Crusie rocks! I love her writing and I love her all the more now. Thanks for bringing this post to my attention, Karen.



  • eggs
    April 17
    5:19 am

    This reminds about the debate a few months back on violence in general in romance, and I feel the same way about this that I felt about that – it’s just fiction, make believe. No actual human beings were hurt in the writing of this novel, etc. I don’t pretend that I read romance novels to increase my understanding of the nature of humanity or to delve the juncture of morality and pleasure, or any of that highbrow stuff. I read them for entertainment, plain and simple. I enjoy a good tale well told and Romance is full of them so, as long as I’m enjoying the tale, I keep reading. If the author introduces a plot or character development that I find unpalatable then I simply stop reading the book and go choose another. It’s no big deal to me and, to be honest, I really can’t understand the desire to prevent others from reading books that satisfy their sexual/emotional fantasies.

    All other things being equal, if the romance section only had two books in it, one of which had a “rape inside” sticker on it and one that didn’t, I’d probably chose the one without. If, however, one had a “rape inside” sticker and one had an “inspired by Jesus” sticker, I’d be hot-tailing it to the register with the “rape inside” book, thankyouverymuch.



  • Desiree Erotique
    April 17
    12:31 pm

    Brusquely but very well said, Eggs!!

    Has anyone else noticed that cultures with the harshest restrictions regarding what is obscene and what isn’t typically suffer from the most violence? I cannot see this as mere coincidence.


  • Rosie
    April 17
    6:10 pm

    Well, I was going to post and link to this, but you’ve taken care of it for our little corner of romancelandia. 🙂

    As I commented on Ms. Crusie’s post I’m expecting this post to be quoted and linked for some time. This article reflects many of my personal views on the subject.

    Bravo Jennifer Crusie.


  • Dylan
    April 18
    9:26 pm

    Hey girl!!

    I’m gonna go over to Jenny’s blog in a little bit to read that post because that little bit that you posted made me laugh.

    But what I want to know is, have you finished Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh? Is it good? I’ve got that book in my TBR list and I was thinking of reading it soon, but I haven’t heard much about the book, so can you shed some light on it for me? Good or no?


    Two weeks til new eps of OTH!


  • Karen Scott
    April 18
    10:00 pm

    Hey Dylan! I started reading Dangerous Games over two weeks ago, and I haven’t even gotten half-way through. I’ve read umpteen books in between though. I just can’t get into it as easily as I usually do her books. I think it’s the whole dominant submissive crap. I wouldn’t have bought it had I known that that was the central theme.

    I can’t wait til OTH, I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms right now!

    By the way, do you know when Smallville comes back on? That’s on the CW channel too right?


  • Rowena
    April 27
    10:12 pm

    Dylan here (yeah yeah I changed my name to one that doesn’t make my sisters shake their head at me everytime someone calls me Dylan, you know my real name!)

    But anyway, Smallville comes on Thursday nights here and though I haven’t watched that show in a long while, I think last night was a new episode but don’t quote me on that cause I don’t know for sure.

    As for Dangerous Games, I feel the same way, I tried reading it three times this week and each time I put the book down to read something else, so maybe it’s just not what I want to read or maybe it sucks, I don’t know and I can’t be arsed to take the time to really read it now. Blech, oh well…


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