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So, I was on the phone with my little sister yesterday, when she casually drops into the conversation, that her boyf wants them to go to Bahrain for their hols this year.

Bahrain. This year.

This is how the conversation went:

Sis: P wants to go to Bahrain in July, for a couple of weeks.
K: Silence
Sis: He’s got a friend over there, who’s got a lovely big house, and says we can stay with him.
K: Silence.
Sis: Silence.
Sis: Erm, what do you think?
K: You do know it’s a middle eastern country don’t you?
Sis: Um.. yeah
K: You do know you can’t wear short skirts there don’t you?
Sis: What do you mean?
K: They don’t like women wearing sexy clothes in public.
Sis: Why not?
K: Stupified silence.
K: Are you on a drugs?
Sis: What do you mean?
K: You do know it’s an Islamic country, right?
Sis: Um… yeah.
Sis: P sez it’ll be good.
K: Silence
Sis: He sez that at least it’ll be sunny all the time.
K: Silence.
K: You do know they hate Americans right?
Sis: But I’m not American
K: Babe, you’re black, they’ll just assume you’re American.
Sis: Oh.
K: You wont be able to kiss P in public over there.
Sis: Silence
K: You wont be able to drink either.
Sis: I’ll call you right back.
*Hangs up, then calls back 5 minutes later*
Sis: Are we ok to go to Cuba?
K: *Head-desk.*

I’m sorry, no offense to Bahrain, or any of its inhabitants, I just don’t want my sister stepping foot anywhere near the middle east, no matter how progressive they are. It’s nothing personal. Really. I just happen to like her head where it is.

*Make note to slap Sister’s boyfriend into the middle of next week the next time I see him.*