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Why would you go to a foreign land, and leave your three year old daughter in bed, whilst you go off to dinner with friends?

All I can think is that their other children were old enough to look after the toddler.

If the other children weren’t old enough, then I think the parents need flogging.

I really hope the authorities find her before whoever’s got her does something bad to her.

I woke up this morning feeling sick with the fear that she’s been murdered.

I hope they find Madeleine. I really do.


  • Shiloh Walker
    May 5
    1:07 pm

    now that’s just plain terrifying.

    No, I don’t understand why somebody would leave a three year old child alone, but then again, I don’t understand a lot of the things that parents do.


  • Rosie
    May 5
    3:29 pm

    I read the article and can’t tell if the two sibs are twins or if the brother is Madeline’s twin and then anoter sister. I don’t think the children were old enough to be left alone.

    At any rate, nobody deserves to have their child snatched. I’m hoping for the best.


  • eggs
    May 6
    12:54 am

    The article I read (from inthenews.co.uk) said “Her parents had left Madeleine with her younger twin brother and sister while they ate at a nearby tapas restaurant, returning to check on their three children every half an hour.”

    No child deserves to be abducted, but if the parents were going back to check ‘every half hour’ as they ate dinner, then I’m guessing they were really at the pub, because how many ‘half hours’ are there in a simple meal of tapas? Frankly, that’s the kind of parenting that often leads to disaster for children, be it death in fires, abductions, broken bones or various forms of abuse. Abandoning your babies for the night so you can hit the pubs is child abuse, whether you’re an unemployed yob or a wealthy dr on holiday in Portugal.



  • Rashenbo
    May 6
    1:06 am

    I didn’t see that they were at a pub. I just saw that they were about 150 feet away from where the children were. A kidnapping is sad, anyway you slice it. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for the family.

    With that said, it’s a tough call. I’ve been visiting family before where we will put the children to bed and then the adults will all step outside and sit around a bonfire for mature conversation and a few tasty beverages. I would imagine that we would have been at least 50 feet away.

    However, it was at home or at a family members home and there was at least one teenager or adult in the home while the other adults were outside. So, I can see where the parents may have wanted to step away, but I think 150 feet might be a tad too “far” away. And, unless the older brother and sister were over the age of 10. They were too old to be left in charge. Which, I think it sounds like they were just a couple of years older than the toddler.


  • Shelly @ Bewitched
    May 7
    3:47 am

    That is absolutely horrible. I hope they find the little girl soon. The parents sound like idiots.


  • Casee
    May 7
    3:15 pm

    I wouldn’t leave my kids alone like that and they’re 5 & 6. I just don’t understand how a parent could do that. 3 years old, fcol.

    I really hope they find her safe.


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