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Nice cover…

Have I mentioned how much I love younger man/ older woman romance books? Happy sigh…

You can visit Sharon Cullars here, read an excerpt here, and buy The Object Of Love here.


  • Mrs Giggles
    May 7
    10:37 am

    I’m reading this too, and I like what I read so far.


  • Jane
    May 7
    1:29 pm

    How serendipitous because I finished it this weekend. I can’t wait to read y’alls thoughts. (is that how you spell the plural of y’all?).


  • Kristie (J)
    May 8
    12:00 am

    I tell you – I’m so easy! I got this one today since older woman/younger man is one of my favourite storylines.


  • Anonymous
    May 8
    11:58 am

    What Kristie (J) said………..Also I love how this author, Sharon Cullars, write her I/Rs…….



  • Amanda
    May 9
    3:53 pm

    I finished this last month and really enjoyed it 🙂 Whats not to like?


  • Alyssa
    May 24
    7:43 pm

    Add me as another reader who loved this book. I’m posting a review on my blog in the next few days . . .


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