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Romanceland is full of nutters, and crazies not too dissimilar to The Right Honourable Betty Boozer.

Carol Lynne responded perfectly to my review. She said nothing. I admire that.

I’m not the only person who doesn’t understand what the Lotus Circle is about.

Reviews are not for authors. They are for readers.

The subject of reviewing will never die.

A Newbie author who’s book gets ripped apart will realise in five years time, that the blogger was probably right. That book did indeed suck Great Big Hairy Donkey Balls.

Some authors truly believe that bloggers / reviewers buy books just to rip them to shreds.

Until the crap that was Ben’s Wildflower, I hadn’t posted a negative review since November 2006. This must not happen again.

I’m not the only person who’s fed up with Vampires, Shapeshifters, Paranormals,and effing BDSM books.

Racism in romance isn’t considered as big an issue as homophobia in romance.

Awarding a 12-book contract to unproven newbies is not sound business.

Some authors will happily stick their tongue up your arse, and take a long lick, as long as it’s not their book or their publisher that you are dissing.

I’m suspicious of anybody who peppers their posts with “Lololololol!!” all the freaking time.

Some people are better at sucking up than others.

People who take the trouble to post that they wont be visiting your blog ever again, are usually lying.

Just because you got published, doesn’t mean that you deserved it. Your editor may have been high at the time.

Romanceland is full of passive aggressive women, and hypocrites.

Authors will always Google themselves, no matter how much they say they don’t.

I’m not the only person who thinks EC standards have gone waaay down.

Some popular bloggers seem to feel threatened by other popular bloggers, and refuse to mingle with them. You know who you are.

Some people should not be let out in public, without being fully medicated. You know who you are.

The Slash and Burn Reviewer/Blogger is an urban legend, cooked up by authors who’s book (s) got dissed, and dismissed.

Reviewers/ bloggers who personally attack authors are also an urban legend, cooked up by the same group of people.

Authors can be trolls too. You know who you are.

Some authors can be snarky too, they are just less honest about it. You know who you are.

Negative reviews will always generate more column inches, than positive reviews.

Nobody ever remembers gushingly glowing reviews.

There are certain people who always seem to hijack other people’s blogs. I recently got rid of at least one of these PWTTAFBA – types.

Anybody who writes that “Snarks go for an obvious joke just because it’s funny, not because the book really doesn’t work.” just doesn’t get it.

Some authors don’t understand that it’s not all about them.

‘Nice Girl’ Review sites hate bloggers like me.

I hate pussified bloggers who hold themselves up as a shining example of how other bloggers should behave. You know who you are.

A lot of authors hate bloggers like me.

Women don’t rule the world because we cry far too easily and exhibit pussy-like behaviour in the face of adversity.

Some books suck more than others.

Authors should understand that readers like me don’t really care how much effort they put into writing a book. All they care about is whether they enjoyed it or not.

It should take longer than two weeks to write a book. Unless you are Nora Roberts.

Rabid Fangirls will always tell you that “You’re just jealous because you’re a frustrated writer with no talent!”, if you diss their favourite authors.

I hate the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice”. People who believe that, have no business reading this blog, yet they continue to do so.

Some ladies in Romanceland will talk about respecting other people, whilst they secretly send e-mails trashing you to their buddies.

Good editors are worth their weight in gold.

Bad reviews wont kill you, but the Rabid Fangirl stalking you might.


  • Alexa
    May 19
    8:05 pm

    Thanks! And of course you can borrow it!

    I’ll post a link once I finish it – – which might take a while – I’ve not done any creative desighns on icons before…


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