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Apparently, oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer.

I knew there was a reason why it’s never been one of my favourite pastimes. *g*


    May 11
    9:22 am

    What isn’t clear to me from what I’ve heard so far is whether this refers to :

    i) Men performing oral sex on women
    ii) Women performing oral sex on men
    iii) Both
    iv) Lesbian/Gay relationships

    Also there seems to be some doubt concerning the increase in risk associated with the increase in numbers of sexual partners.

    On a particular board I post on they were discussing 5 or 6 partners yesterday.

    This seems to be a spectacularly low number where most of the people I know are concerned.

    And how the hell did they research this anyway ?



  • Teddy Pig
    May 11
    1:04 pm

    Since I know a lot of people that enjoy this particular activity in excess.

    I have not heard anything.


  • Dee
    May 11
    2:10 pm

    Don’t men get their own version of HPV? I mean, young girls can get it from rapists, I’ve read, so they must. I’d think the risk applies to all sexual groups.


  • Anonymous
    May 11
    3:03 pm

    That sounded like you guys finding reasons to become more “boring”
    Bah! I have never even heard of someone having any of those deseases here…if that was true I bet that was one of the first cause of death here!!!
    Who would want to live longer if it’s requires lack of sex!



  • azteclady
    May 11
    3:46 pm

    One study. 300 people out of millions. I guess I’ll wait for the follow ups before making up my mind.

    However, it does make sense to remember that cervical cancer and HPV are linked. Better safe than sorry, and all that.


  • FlannerySC
    May 14
    3:52 pm

    OK, I guess it makes sense, seeing how HPV can be transmitted through the saliva. (That’s why using condoms doesn’t protect against it.) And men carry the HPV virus once infected, but it hasn’t shown up as affecting them until this. But Karen, honey, I don’t think that TTG should let you get away with this one! 🙂 Y’all have been in a monogamous relationship for years (I assume), so the risk wouldn’t be much.

    The main thing to remember with this virus is that as a woman, you have to get your annual PAP annually. Not every 3-4 years. They are now testing women for the HPV virus during their check-ups here in the States.

    My best friend went 3 years without getting her PAP checkup. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer & HPV and had a radical hysterectomy; 4 months later the cancer was back in the upper vaginal wall and pressing into her colon. Radiation and chemo ensued, then she had part of her colon, her bladder and her vagina removed. The artificial bladder she got was a godsend; the colostomy was depressing to her. She received more chemo and radiation, and spent the next 6 months in and out of the hospital with infections, failing kidneys, tubes draining her kidneys. Then the next PET scan revealed that the cancer was back in her pelvic floor. She died two months later. She was 34 and the mother of 4 children, the youngest of which turned 5 two weeks after her death.

    I’ve had people tell me that I “should not get my daughter the HPV shots. The shots don’t cover all strains of the virus.” “They’re too controversial.” Well, she is turning 13 next month. Am I supposed to take the chance that she experiences her first kiss with some boy who’s been around? She knows the risks. When Tanya was dying, we discussed the how & why of it all. She was there to see how awful it got: her Aunt losing her vibrancy, her beautiful singing voice, only weighing 70 lbs at the end. I will not let that happen to my daughter without doing all that science has given us to prevent it.


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