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I’ve just finished reading NJ Walter’s newest EC book, Three Swords, One Heart, (which I enjoyed despite the fugly cover, but she’s one of my auto-buys anyway) and when I came to the end of the book, I noticed this:



  • Selena Kitt
    May 11
    5:26 pm

    OMG that cover! 😡 Who are they, the Conan twins??


  • Anonymous
    May 12
    11:02 pm

    Hey there! I enjoyed this book too (God, that cover! Eeesh). I’ve seen that opinion comment on previous EC e-books, and it’s in two print books that I picked up just over a year ago. I have plenty EC books without it too, though.

    If you’re interested in another enjoyable read, I also picked up Susie Charles’ Hanging by a Moment. Really liked it!


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