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So, mum and I saw him last night in Manchester. He was fantastic, bloody fantastic.

I loved how down to earth he was, and how much fun he made his concert last night.

The second (or was it third?) song that he did was Still, and he did an amazing job. (Listening to it as I type this)

He also did Penny Lover and All Night Long, and loads more of his other hits. (Yes, he did Hello too)


When he did Three Times A Lady, he basically let the audience sing the song most of the way through. A total goosebumps moment. I also loved this rendition of Stuck On You:

Stuck On You…

I loved how well he worked the audience. I haven’t danced so much during a concert, evah!

I was also amazed at how varied the age group of the audience were. Ranging from early teens to octagenerians. It was fantastic to see. Talk about the soundtrack to so many people’s lives.

Definitely a concert that I would recommend to anybody, regardless of age.

And as a treat for those closet Lionel Richie fans out there, here’s a vid of him singing with the fantabulous Beverley Knight last year:

Endless Love…

Effingg glorious… The king of timeless love songs for sure….

You can find details of his tour dates here.

Next up, Justin Timberlake on Tuesday. Can’t wait!